6 Tips for Creating a Corporate Video that Amazes Customers

Corporate Video that Amazes Customers

A good strategy for making corporate videos can often make or break your marketing campaign. In the present era, social media and video marketing have taken over as the prime real estate for businesses to battle it out for a piece of the millions of potential customers that browse these platforms on a daily basis. 

The idea of a corporate video isn’t one that immediately catches prospective clients’ attention, as many of these videos tend to be on the duller and more uninspired end of the spectrum. This can make video marketing a bit of an intimidating prospect for companies. However, with the right approach and a reputable video editor, you can make the perfect combination of videos that are both entertaining and achieve your objectives perfectly. Here are six such tips to help change your corporate video-making strategy into something extraordinary.

1. Pick an objective

Whenever you’re making videos for your business, it’s important to consider the purpose of your video. Videos work because they’re concise and engaging ways of interacting with the viewers. However, to achieve this, you need to ensure your video has a set objective it looks to accomplish with the customers.

For example, consider whether you’re designing a video to reach a broader customer base or to reach possible new employees. Otherwise, you may want to sell your products or raise brand awareness. Whatever it may be, you can use this objective as a starting point to work on your content itself. 

2. Find stories that connect with your customers and your objective

To truly amaze your customers while also fulfilling your organization’s objectives, you need to find the stories you need to tell and find a way to make them as impactful as possible. 

Depending on your objective, you may have many possible stories to share. For example, customer testimonials are great ways to engage with people and show them the value your company and your products offer. In a similar way, employee testimonials work exceedingly well in attracting potential employees. ‘How to’ videos are great ways to disguise your company’s proficiency in certain areas, while product overviews are simple yet effective ways to communicate the effectiveness of a product. 

As a company, you may have access to plenty of stories that can be converted to this format and used to create corporate videos. However, it’s also crucial to consider these stories and choose which you think is the strongest or has the most potential in a video format.

3. The shorter, the sweeter

In the world of corporate and advertising video making, less is always equal to more. While it may be tempting for you to create videos that contain every little detail you want to convey, consider the fact that viewers neither have the time nor the patience to sit through long video durations. Furthermore, it is difficult for them to connect with irrelevant information.

To navigate this issue, you need to ensure that the work you put out contains simple yet concise language and visuals that show information at a good pace. The video is often simply the catalyst to capturing someone’s attention, so you can always present the other information in the form of comments or links, but make sure you put the best parts into your video. 

Though length can vary depending on the platform you choose to advertise in, 2-3 minutes is generally the sweet spot for such content.

4. Make an impactful plan

To make sure your video is the best, you need to focus on the quality of your production value. While investing massive amounts of money on glossy blockbuster-level ads is not feasible, at least try to invest in the activity as much as you would invest in any other corporate initiative. 

The equipment you use to shoot the video, the video editor you use to edit the video, the people you hire to help with production can all go a long way in enhancing your production value. Such steps need to be carefully considered to produce content that can compete in the current marketing era.

5. Consider what to and what not to include in the video

It can be rather tempting to bloat your video with teasers and promises for the future. Still, such secondary content takes away from the customers viewing experience and detracts them from your corporate videos.

To create compelling content, you need to concentrate on the ‘meat’ of the content, i.e., the primary objective, and focus on using your time to explore this topic rather than pad the time out with mentions of seemingly unrelated issues. 

A clear and concise approach to communication can often significantly increase engagement and interest.

6. Carefully plan your introduction and conclusion

Your introduction and conclusion are by far the most critical parts of the video. A good introduction is what hooks your viewers into watching the video, while a reasonable conclusion is what takes their interest forward and converts it into commercial value for your company. 

Ensure that the beginning is as entertaining as possible. For example, unraveling mysteries in the video or presenting customers their pain points in the video can be great ways of hooking them in.

Similarly, a good ending that doesn’t just end abruptly and includes a ‘call to action’ for the viewers can go a long way in making your videos valuable for your company and engaging for the customer.

 Bottom Line

By combining a professional approach to video editing with the heart and inspiration required to connect with your viewers, you can develop a strategy that is guaranteed to improve your business performance.

The effectiveness of corporate video marketing is not one to be disputed, but the effectiveness of your corporate video-making strategy can often make or break your company’s strategies. Suppose you can ensure your work is of impressive quality and high production value while also following the six tips mentioned above. In that case, you can create corporate videos that are guaranteed to impress your customers.