As you know YouTube is the biggest platform to watch online videos or to share a video for public. In this article, I will explain a full tutorial that will help you to create a YouTube channel. It is quite simple to create YouTube channel and easy to share your video worldwide. One of the most important thing is that you can earn money (Google AdSense) from your YouTube channel. So , follow the below steps to create a YouTube channel to start online income.


If you have original videos or any talent that you can share though videos, you must come to YouTube and create a channel. You will get huge money from Google AdSense. You can also earn through editing videos for others and they will pay you for editing their videos.

What is YouTube Channel & Google AdSense

YouTube is a main product of Google Inc. Google made it free to use for everyone and anybody can create YouTube channel. A user can create a multiple channels on YouTube. After creating a channel, user can share any type of videos on YouTube except adult or nude content. YouTube is main platform for videos monetization.

Complete Guide to Create YouTube Channel on YouTube

  1. Sign in into YouTube with Google account from your PC or smart phone.
  2. Now, comment or like any video on YouTube.
  3. You will get a prompt message to create a YouTube channel.
  4. Please choose a Channel’s name (same as yours or choose any attractive name to get more audience).
  5. Click on Create Channel.

How to Link YouTube Channel to AdSense Account to Earn Money

AdSense is another product of Google Inc. Google provides AdSense to allow users to make money through monetize videos on YouTube or website content. AdSense is a platform for allow Google ads along with your video or content. Read full details here about Google AdSense or complete guide to create AdSense account.

Note – To sign up on Google AdSense, you must be 18+.

There are 2 options if you have –
  • Same Email ID associated with YouTube Channel & AdSense Account
  • Both Accounts are from different Email IDs.

How To Link AdSense with YouTube Channel (Same Email IDs)

  1. Go to YouTube Account and Select Setting from menu at left side.
  2. Now, you will get an overview of your account. Click on View Additional Featurescreate-youtube-channel-online-earn-money
  3. You will get many tabs below your google account picture. Choose 
  4. You will be redirected to Google AdSense home page. Fill all your details. Make-Youtube-Channel-and-google-adsense-2


  5. After completion of application form, you will get 2-3 emails from YouTube at same email id. Read each email carefully and be sure about fully activation of your AdSense account for YouTube.
    • AdSense Application takes 1-3 days to get fully approved. So, please wait for an email about fully activation.
  6. After activation of AdSense, come back to YouTube and click on Videos section.
  7. Now, enable Monetization feature for all videos.
  8. After enabling monetization, you will get a sign of $ in front of videos which are being monetized by you.
  9. Done!

How To Link YouTube with AdSense (Different Email IDs)

  1. Go to your YouTube Channel. Click on setting.
  2. Now, click on Add Managers.
  3. Please input you Email Id which has AdSense account and add as manager in your YouTube channel.
  4. Now, follow all steps of above process (How To Link YouTube with AdSense (Same Email IDs)
  5. Done!

Points to Remember Before Starting a YouTube Channel 

  • Don’t share any video of
    • Hacking
    • Cracking Software
    • Adult or nudity content
    • Alcohol / Drugs / Illegal activity
  • Don’t share any copyright videos (YouTube Account Suspension)
  • Don’t click on your Google Ads (AdSense Account Suspension)

Suggestions for Newbie YouTubers

  • Please read all YouTube policies carefully before getting started.
  • Choose a niche for your YouTube Channel like – Technology, Funny, Cooking, Motivational, Sports, Fashion etc…
  • Choose an attractive Channel Name according to your niche.
  • Be careful for AdSense account, please don’t try to cheat with google ads. Don’t click on your ads and don’t ask your friends to click on them.
  • Follow some big YouTuber Channels and try to comment there. Your channel name will be there to get more visitors to your YouTube channel.
  • Don’t buy fake views from Facebook or anywhere, your account will be suspended.

Last Words for YouTube Channel & AdSense Account – If you want to work online and thinking to earn online money, YouTube is best option for you. For any query, drop a comment below. You will get instant reply from us.