You Can Now Create Your Own GIF Using Google Gboard

Now you can Create Your Own GIF Using Google Gboard

Sometimes a GIF conveys anything best. Some other times your own face says it the best. So we are here with a very great news i.e, now you can always convey what you’re trying to say with Gboard on iOS or Android. The feature had been available on iOS since last year, and now going to show up on some Android devices as well. Just go through the article to know more about the new update of Gboard.

How To Create your Own GIf Using Google GBoard?


Gboard beta lets you Create Your Own GIF with Gboard

The Gboard beta version now shows the “Make a GIF” button that allows you to create reaction GIFs. You can try out the new feature by installing the beta version of Gboard. To use this instant GIF-making feature is really simple.

  • With a text box open, tap the emoji button. It may be a dedicated button, or may also be a long-press on the comma, depends on how you are having the keyboard set up.
  • At the bottom of the emoji board, tap on ‘GIF’ option. When the GIF menu opens, tap on ‘My GIFs’ button.
  • When this menu opens, tap on ‘Make A GIF’ button, which will open the camera. You can use the rear or front-facing camera, just change it with the camera button.
  • To shoot your GIF, just press the shutter button and hold it. As long as the button is pressed, the GIF is getting recorded.
  • When you’ve finished recording, the GIF is automatically placed in the message.

Also, Android features different scenes you can add to your GIFs. These are accessed through the button to the right of the shutter button. They complement the capture of your GIF and thus to make it more appealing.

Final Words Google Gboard Gif Creator Online

This is a feature that some Android users may have been waiting for a long time, which is now finally being implemented in the test versions of the Google keyboard. For now, it is present in the Beta version and, soon, it should be available also in the final version, for everyone to use.


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