How to create a mobile app without coding skills?

The wish to create a mobile app came at least once to each of us. But what if you have an awesome idea but don’t understand the difference between Java and Javascript, or Photoshop and Illustrator?

The creation of a mobile application from scratch is a rather long and laborious work, feasible only for a professional team that offers top-notch mobile development services. However, technologies don’t stand still offering services that allow you to independently create full-fledged apps.

What are these services? Let’s figure it out together.

Top 5 best app builders 

Create a mobile app
Create a mobile app
  • AppMakr

This highly-rated app builder from Singapore has helped over seven million businesses worldwide. According to the authors, the app development here takes only twenty minutes!

AppMakr offers a large number of elements and edgy design tools.

  • Create My Free App

Create My Free App allows creating full-fledged applications without design and coding skills. With it, you can write a simple app for a coffee shop or online store. The builder also offers all sorts of design customizations and built-in theme options.

  • Appy Pie

Appy Pie allows you to create mobile versions of sites for various devices. It has ready-made templates of dating apps, restaurants applications, and solutions for small companies. 

Moreover, with Appy Pie, you can connect databases, integrate social media, add in-app purchases, ads, and so on. It’s one of the simpliest drag&drop-based platforms.

  • Swiftic

Most of the apps built on the Swiftic platform are owned by restaurants, music bands, and events organizers.

The platform offers seven different templates that can be combined with the same quantity of navigation styles. But you can choose the app colors, images, and icons yourself, that is, the design here is completely your game.

  • BuildFire 

BuildFire is one of the most trusted platforms with over 10,000 applications built. As a rule, the builder is used by businesses, influencers, or brands.

The platform is popular with customers due to its functionality, quick reconfiguration capabilities, and wide customization options. 

  • Mobincube

A tool for creating and monetizing iOS and Android apps that has a nice design and user-friendly settings. The basic functionality of the service allows you to create applications of different types and use Google analytics in a standard tariff plan.

  • Kalipso Studio

Kalipso Studio is a functional builder that allows you to deploy your application on five operating systems: Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 10, iOS, and Android. The software doesn’t require coding, which significantly speeds up development.

  • GameSalad 

GameSalad is an interactive service that makes mobile games development much easier.

The creator of the game is provided with an editor for scenes and characters, images, sounds, etc. This platform also has a fairly active community forum that helps in case of trouble.

  • BiznessApps

A platform for small businesses that helps to make something simple like service for ordering food or an online store app.

You can create an application in a matter of minutes using a user-friendly content management system with the opportunity to realize your own design. 

Are app builders the best solution?

Mobile app

With the help of the services mentioned above, it’s really possible to create workable functional applications, upload them on Google Play and the App Store, edit, monetize through ads or paid installations.

But you shouldn’t overestimate them either. Their obvious drawback lies in primitiveness and conventionality. It’s related to both functionality and design.

If you want to create something complex with a backlog for a large market and a lot of money, say, a popular financial tool or an application for logisticians, it’s better to contact a transportation software development company aka professionals. Think twice, which is better: pay once for the work of developers and get a finished product of high quality, or pay the owners of the app builders for many years and get a very simple application at the end?