As we know, PPT presentation is necessary in industry, college etc to express their projects, ideas, future planning. PPT Presentation is mainly presented with the help of MS-PowerPoint to show their work. There a computer system is recommended to play your PPT on projector or any other device. But nowadays it is too simple and also accessible from your android device..

Today we are going to discuss a Tutorial that is about ”How to Control a PPT presentation using an android device”. In this tutorial we will discuss how to play images or ppt presentation on computer system using android device.

Control Powerpoint usinng android device

How to play photos or ppt presentation on computer system using android device:
1. Firstly you need to download latest version of ShareIt  For Windows and Android

To Download ShareIt For all platforms: 

2.  Install that file into your device.
3. Open shareIt, enter your name and select a image to display. Click on ‘Save’.
4. Now click on ‘option’ (right upper side). And select ‘Connect to PC’.

Connect to PC

5. Open shareit on computer system and click on ‘Receive’.

Pc -> Recieve

6. Select your computer name on android device and connection will be established.

Device Connected

7. Click on ‘PPT Control’ to know how to control ppt on computer system and then hit back button.
8. Click on ‘Play To’ to play photos of your android device memory on connected computer system.
9. Select album and open a photo. You will find a large sized photo on your computer. When will you play another photo, both photo will be changed to current one.
10. Do same with ppt presentation.

It is a very simple way to display or play your photos and ppt presentation on a computer display using a android device. It is all about Technology that makes you crazy with latest Tech features and today you got crazy by “How to play photos or ppt presentation on computer system using android device. We hope you find it helpful.

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