Can You Consume CBD Capsules For Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction is becoming a cause of concern among adults. Opioid addiction can occur regardless of whether the person is using opioids for treating pain or anxiety. Taking opioids over time can lead to a dependence on the drug, which we call opioid addiction. 

Studies say that CBD, a compound from the cannabis plant, can help treat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. So, what is CBD? How can CBD capsules help opioid addiction? How to use CBD capsules for dealing with opioid withdrawal. Read on to find answers to these questions. 

CBD Capsules

Can CBD Capsules Help Manage Opioid Addiction? 

When someone stops taking opioids abruptly, they can experience a series of effects called withdrawal symptoms. Often, these symptoms are intense in the first few weeks. From headaches to sleeplessness, the symptoms can vary with the person. Managing these symptoms is crucial. Improper mediation of opioid usage can lead to undesirable outcomes that can impact the physical and mental health of the person. A study in 2021 looked into the cases of 44 people experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Administering CBD capsules reduced the opioid craving and helped manage the symptoms. 

How Do CBD Capsules Help Opioid Addiction? 

A report states that CBD can replace opioids as it can serve similar purposes. For instance, a person taking opioids to manage pain can replace them with CBD as it can help manage pain. One reason CBD can help opioid addiction is that it produces similar effects upon usage. Let us look at some properties of CBD capsules that can help opioid addiction

  • Pain relief

CBD capsules have pain-relieving properties. Like opioids, CBD has an impact on the perception of pain. It reduces pain signals and changes the way the person perceives pain. CBD capsules have anti-inflammatory properties. They can help in reducing pain due to inflammation. Most opioid users use it to manage pain related to underlying health conditions. 

In addition, CBD capsules can exhibit muscle relaxant properties. Thus, consuming them can help relieve pain due to muscle tension. People taking opioids to manage pain can make a switch to CBD as it has similar potency in effects. CBD capsules can help with chronic pain management. Researchers say people can reduce their opioid intake by over 60 percent by switching to CBD capsules. In addition, CBD capsules do not have any adverse effects on the user’s health. 

  • Using CBD capsules for stress relief 

Another reason for using opioids is their effect on stress-related behavior in people. Opioids regulate amygdala response and reduce stress. When the endogenous opioids drain, people take opioid drugs to do this. 

CBD Capsules

If you are wondering, CBD capsules can be ideal for managing anxiety and mental stress of any kind. Though the working pathway of CBD capsules is unique, it can help the user get desired results. CBD capsules break into the bloodstream directly and have higher bioavailability. CBD acts on nerve endings and reduces neuron excitability.

Moreover, consuming CBD capsules can impact the anandamide levels in the body. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter responsible for mediating anxiety and stress in people. By improving its levels, CBD capsules can help in managing mental stress. By switching to CBD capsules for stress, people reduced their opioid intake significantly. Also, most reported fewer ill effects after switching to CBD capsules. 

  • CBD capsules for fixing the sleep cycle 

The effects are often unique when it comes to opioids. Opioids work by impacting the neurotransmitter secretion and uptake in the body. Besides helping with pain and stress, opioids can act as sedatives, making the user sleep better. CBD has properties that can help improve sleep quality. At higher doses, it has sleep-inducing effects. Thus, CBD capsules can replace opioids if the person uses them to improve sleep. 

Can CBD Capsules Help To Reduce Its Symptoms?

As we saw, withdrawal from opioid addiction comes with several side effects. The symptoms of opioid withdrawal can vary depending on the person’s medical and drug history. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include: 

  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Sleeplessness 
  • An increase in overall pain 

CBD capsules curb all these by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system of the body, spread through the central and peripheral nervous systems, has several roles to play. Of them, management of pain and stress is one. Consuming CBD capsules can reduce pain and stress related to withdrawal.

Furthermore, CBD capsules possess antiemetic effects. Apart from being an alternative to opioids, it can help manage nausea that comes with withdrawal. CBD capsules can help reduce the intensity of these symptoms. One can use CBD capsules to find relief from the adverse effects of opioid withdrawal. Opioid addiction can make a person physically and mentally dependent on the drug. One can start craving opioids if one quits or reduces opioid intake. CBD capsules can quench the opioid thirst and make the user stable. 

We still need more research in this area. But, anecdotal evidence states that the effects of CBD capsules are similar to opioids and can help quench opioid cravings. Researchers say that users can quit opioids over time by using CBD.  

Some Factors To Consider While Using CBD Capsules

While CBD capsules are a natural way to curb opioid addiction, there are things you need to know about using CBD capsules. 

  • Dosage 

Often, users overdose on CBD to get immediate results. Scientists say that it doesn’t work that way. Overdosing on CBD can impact the user negatively. One should be mindful of the dosages while using CBD capsules

  • Buying CBD products 

Buying CBD capsules is a crucial step by itself. It is advisable to rely on top brands to avoid consuming adulterated products. 

To conclude, CBD capsules for opioid addiction are not medically available in all provinces. The responsibility of buying and using CBD capsules falls entirely on the user’s shoulders. If you want to use CBD capsules for managing opioid withdrawal, it is advisable to start by seeking professional advice. Also, be cautious of your body’s reactions to CBD before using it in large amounts.