Important Things to Consider When Sending Expensive Items

Sending Expensive Items

If you’re sending any items through the post, there is always a risk of them getting damaged, lost, or stolen. This is particularly concerning when the products you are sending are valuable.

Here are some important things to follow when you’re sending expensive items through the post.

Use a Reliable Courier

Choosing the right courier is essential when it comes to posting expensive items. Companies like Reliable Couriers will deliver any packages to your customers safely and within a reasonable timeframe. They will keep you up to date with its progress, so you can track your parcel’s journey. Knowing your parcel is in the right hands will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Use Secure Packaging

Packaging makes a huge difference to the safety of your parcel. Whatever your items, sending by post always carries a risk. Items can get damaged or lost, but if you ensure your packaging is as secure as possible, it will minimize the chances of anything going wrong.

Choose a rigid box, add your items, and cover them in protective packagings such as foam, bubble wrap, or tissue paper. Adding this extra padding protects high-value or fragile items from smashing or breaking during transit. Not only would any damaged or lost items cost you a lot of money to replace, but they might also lead to customer complaints or negative reviews. This can damage your brand’s reputation, and lead to a lot of unwanted stress.

It’s also good practice to write ‘fragile’ across the sides of the package to let the courier know that they need to be extra careful with the parcel.

This one might sound obvious, but it’s incredibly important to double-check the posting address to ensure your parcel gets sent to the right place.

Include a Return Address

In case there is a problem with the item, and the customer wants to make a return, it’s a good idea to include a return address somewhere within the parcel. If your company offers free return labels, make sure to include this in the package too.

Keep the Postal Receipt

Your postal receipt is proof that you have sent the items. It details what date and time the package was registered with the courier. It’s important to keep this receipt until you have confirmation that the customer has received their items. This will allow you to make a claim with the courier in case the item doesn’t arrive.

Ask for Confirmation of Receipt

With every parcel you send, in particular, if it contains expensive items, you want to know that it has arrived at its destination safely. If you have the customer’s contact details, consider sending an email or text asking them to confirm receipt of the item.