When to Take the COMPTIA NETWORK+ and Why You Need a Practice Test to Pass On Your First Attempt


Once you decide to apply for law school and sit for the COMPTIA NETWORK+, you need to learn many things. And this not only includes gaining the required skills but also discovering how you can register and when to take this exam.

This post informs you of how many opportunities you have to pass the COMPTIA NETWORK+ in a year, what are the fees, and some preparation tips that can help you a lot. So, let’s first see when to take the test.


When to Take the COMPTIA NETWORK+?

Since most admissions in law schools come in fall, you should be ready to present your CompTIA Network+ Practice Test results by that time. Find out the period for filing applications and choose the available date according to it. If you’re applying to join law school during the regular fall, for example, you need to have taken the COMPTIA NETWORK+ in June or October. Anyway, you should ensure you have an adequate amount of spare time so that you can prep up well.

You should be serious at this stage because there are just several days when you can take the COMPTIA NETWORK+: in 2020-2021 there are only 8 of them held once a month except for September, December, March, and May (the testing year starts from 1st June to 31st May). You can find the exact list on the official website. And moreover, in some countries, this number will be even less.

However, notice, that it’s better for you to schedule and take the COMPTIA NETWORK+ earlier than the admission process starts. This is because in case you get your results and feel like you need to better your scores, you’ll be able to do a retake and still meet the deadline. Here, you also need to take some points into account:

  • in one testing year, you have only three chances to retake the Network+ Practice Test 
  • in a lifetime, a student is allowed seven chances to pass this test
  • in case you already have a 180 score (the best mark), you’ll not be allowed to retake the COMPTIA NETWORK+ for five years.

Of course, you’d like to gain this perfect result and have no need to meet this challenge again. Let’s find out how you can do it.

Practice for Several Hours — Save Months

For most schools, the COMPTIA NETWORK+ carries the same weight as your GPA, though it can even be heavier. And as long as you have so few and rare retake chances, the right preparation can save you a lot of time and nerves because you’ll be more likely to ace your COMPTIA NETWORK+ on the first try.

Apart from ordinary methods, training with practice tests is highly recommended though. This is because if you use sample tests during revision, you’ll have these needed trial attempts! Also, these materials will allow you to assess yourself to see what areas you still need to strengthen. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only a few sessions of practice. Use them to review the exam sections as well as the question types.

To sum up, remember that the test is not free. The basic fees for the COMPTIA NETWORK+ include $200 for the exam, $195 for the CAS (Credential Assembly Service), and $45 for the Law School Report. Perhaps, now you want to pass on the first try even more.


The right time to sit for the COMPTIA NETWORK+ will depend on when you’d like to be admitted to your preferred law school. But it’s good not to wait until the deadline is near for you to start registration and studies. Some few months of preparation with reliable books and practice tests should be enough to grant you the score you feel you should hit. The earlier you start and the more you train, the better for you!