The Complete Guide to Creating a LinkedIn Profile for CEOs

LinkedIn Profile for CEOs
LinkedIn links you to the professional world. 756 million people use LinkedIn. This includes more than 57 million businesses and 120,000 schools. You need to start creating a LinkedIn Profile for CEOs if you have not done so. Yet uploading your resume isn’t enough. You need to integrate your profile into a formal LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

What do you need to do to entice people to work with you? How can you describe your personality while remaining professional? What should you do when you are updating LinkedIn profiles with your accomplishments? 

Answer these questions and you can start marketing with LinkedIn through your life story. Here is your quick guide. 

Be Detailed 

At a minimum, you need to provide some LinkedIn profile details. You must give your name, current job position, and location. You should also provide LinkedIn profile photos of yourself because there may be many people with your name. 

You can reserve a few details for privacy reasons. You don’t have to talk about your personal life or include your contact information. 

But you should provide some details about your professional career. Start with your first paid job and then work your way through your history. List some accomplishments for each position and describe the skills you learned. 

Show a Little of Who You Are

You are more than your job title. Feel free to talk about your hobbies, especially if they give you skills for your CEO position. 

Talk about your educational background. If you have any advanced or honorary degrees, you should mention what they are. 

Try to get recommendations from co-workers and friends who can speak to your character. You can put them at the bottom of your page. Look at what CEOs like Will Johnson of The Harris Poll do with their recommendations. 

Discuss Your Skills 

You should discuss your skills in several locations on your page. You can have a formal section where you mention what skills you have. 

But you should provide more substance than that. You should mention under each of your job positions what skills you used on the job and how you used them. Give an example of a situation that you resolved with your skill. 

Mention What Is Important to You 

If you are a political person, you should talk about the causes that matter to you. You can share photographs of yourself at different protests. You can share links to articles that speak to the causes you care about. 

If you are not political, you can get personal. You can talk a little about your family and friends. You can describe employees you admire and give them opportunities to express their thoughts on your page. 

How to Start Creating a LinkedIn Profile 

You can master creating a LinkedIn profile. Start by providing the basic details about yourself. Then go into every aspect of your work history. 

Find recommendations that discuss you as a human being. Detail your skills in each of your job descriptions and point to problems you have solved. 

Make sure the LinkedIn user knows who you are. You can talk about the causes that animate your work, including your personal relationships. 

Creating a profile is the start of your LinkedIn marketing campaign. Learn how you can develop one by following our coverage.