Click2Sell Review – Build and Manage Your Own Ad Campaigns

Click2Sell Review - Build and Manage Your Own Ad Campaigns

I’ve been trying to make some extra income online for a while now, and the online marketing world was always something that appealed to me. However, as a rookie to the whole online marketing world, I needed a newbie-friendly system or method which would make the process of joining the online advertising and marketing field simpler and less risky. Luckily for me, I soon stumbled across, which is a banners ads campaign creation and design service, designed with newbies like me in mind! So, for those of you who are interested, here is my complete Click2sell review!. Below in this article, we will cover the Click2Sell Review – Build and Manage Your Own Ad Campaigns.

The Click2sell platform

Click2sell is an intuitive and easy to use newbie-friendly advertising platform, where members can generate profit by advertising big brands products using banner ads. It uses a straightforward dashboard-style layout to help you easily design your advertising campaigns from scratch, and if you ever get stuck, a FAQs section and 24/5 support are standing by to help iron out any issues. Under the “my campaigns” tab, you can get an overview of all your current advertising campaigns, allowing you to view each campaign’s budget easily, statuses, start dates, end dates, number of web-impressions, and more. Overall I found the platform’s dashboard to be quite simple to understand.  

How can you profit using the platform?

Now, let’s get to the meat of it – dinero. There are two main ways to generate profit when you advertise different brands products using banner advertisements on Click2sell’s platform – PPC, and PPA. With PPC (pay per click) you receive 85% of the revenue generated each time a potential customer clicks on one of your banner ads. With PPA (stands for pay per acquisition) you receive 85% of the commission paid for each acquisition (or sale) which is generated due to one of your campaigns for a particular brand. In other words, you’re running banner ad campaigns for brands and companies and raking in 85% of the dough when they acquire new customers or site visits. As you can probably tell, PPA can potentially make you more revenue compared to PPC.

How I created my first advertising campaign from scratch

When you create a new campaign (please note that the minimum deposit amount to get started is $250), you’ll be prompted to enter a campaign name (to help you keep track of it) and campaign duration. You’ll then be given different business niches to choose from, depending on your target clients. For example, if you choose “Architecture,” then the artwork for your banner campaign displays impressive-looking buildings and designs, while if you choose “Finance,” then you’ll see images of people looking at their savings with a hint of melancholy. Multiple categories are offered, such as Sports, Computers, Fashion and others. From here you set the campaign budget, the number of web impressions (worldwide), and the artwork you want to use.   

Next, you decide the size/placement for your new ad (i.e., where they’ll show up on a website, also applicable to mobile devices). After all, when you advertise big brands products, you must ensure that you’re not annoying the customer too much with intrusive banners, and on the other hand, the ads can’t be too hidden either, so overall it’s all about finding the balance. Finally, you choose a headline which will get people’s attention, and then you’re ready to launch your campaign! 

Bottom line

Thanks for checking out this Click2sell product review – I hope it’s been insightful! Generally speaking, this platform is quite easy to use and follow, and it seems like there’s really some chance of making money from it if you know your stuff. Nonetheless, note it’s not another so-called “push-button” system, and it does require some investment (although not big), patient and persistent.