Top Class Action Lawsuits Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Lawsuits Against Pharmaceutical

Early this year, the biggest lawsuits against pharma cost the liable parties $26 billion. Some think that lawsuits are a fun and convenient way to make money. But the litigation process can be so lengthy and money-draining that some withdraw midway.

Citizens entrust the pharmaceutical industry to save lives. Thus, it’s a big disappointment when they push risky drugs for thicker profit margins.

You’re on the right page if you are curious about medical lawsuits. Join us as we discuss top class-action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Lawsuit

GSK was guilty of illegally pushing some prescription drugs and failed to report health data to the FDA.

One of the diabetes drugs, Avandia, came with a high risk of heart attacks. GSK also sold other unapproved drugs as antidepressants.

Besides, the pharmaceutical firm rewarded doctors for recommending the drug to children. They knew the side effects of these prescription drugs but didn’t stop production.

This lawsuit cost them $2 billion in settlements and $1 billion as a fine. They ended up paying a sum of $3 billion.

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Pfizer Lawsuit

The Pharma giant faced a heavy lawsuit in 2009 that cost them a whopping $2.3 billion. They paid for the false advertising of many pharmaceutical drugs. By off-labeling the drugs, they misled the public into taking them.

The firm was also guilty of paying bribes to cover up the records exposing the side effects. In 2005, the court banned Bextra, a pharmaceutical drug from Pfizer.

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Johnson & Johnson Lawsuit

In 2013, Jonson & Johnson was on trial for their prescription drugs – Natrecor, Invega, and Risperdal. Nactrecir and Invega were sold for unapproved uses, which caught the attention of the court system.

The FDA approved Risperdal as an antipsychotic drug for schizophrenia. However, the company marketing agents were pushing it as an antidepressant.

More so, they made doctors believe that the drug was safe for elderly patients and children. They parted with a sum of $2.2 billion in fines and settlements for those crimes.

Merck & Co Lawsuit

The pharmaceutical drug Vioxx had one of the most fatal consequences. Despite the FDA failing to approve the drug, the company promoted it as an arthritis drug. They could not disclose the cardiovascular effects of the drug to the public.

This was one of the toughest pharma lawsuits because even the FDA was under scrutiny. Vioxx caused many heart attacks before its ban in 2005.

Top Class Action Lawsuits

The main aim of a pharmaceutical drug is to boost the user’s health. But some prescription drugs come with fatal side effects. Worse, the pharma companies keep quiet about it to increase sales.

In these cases, the manufacturer is liable for misleading the public. Top-class action lawsuits against pharma companies ensure the production of safe drugs.

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