What to Look for When Choosing a Flower Shop

A good flower shop is one that has been around long enough, has a reputation of being reliable, delivers on time, offers quality flowers at reasonable prices, provides excellent customer service, etc. There are many other things you can look for when choosing a florist, but these points will give you an idea about what kind of experience you want from Katong flower shop.

  • Reputation

The first thing you need to consider is how well-known or not-so-well-known this particular florist is. If they have many reviews online, then it’s probably safe to assume their business is reputable. However, if there aren’t any reviews available yet, don’t just take my word for it! You may also want to check out some of the top-rated businesses in your area so you’ll get an idea of whether or not they’re worth visiting.

Flower Shop

  • Specialization
If you’ve ever visited a restaurant before, chances are you already know which ones specialize in certain types of food. This same principle applies here as well. Some florists only sell roses, while others offer more than just roses. For example, I like going to a florist specializing in tulips because they always seem to have them in stock. Other times, I prefer going to a florist who sells lilies since they tend to last longer than most other types of flower, or those who create preserved flower arrangements. It all depends on what type of bouquet you’d like to buy. So make sure to ask questions such as “Do you carry X?” or “Are you able to deliver Y?”.
  • Value

This point goes hand in hand with specialization. A great florist isn’t necessarily expensive either. Sometimes cheaper options might actually be better value for money. The reason why is simple – cheap flowers usually die quickly, whereas high-priced flowers often live much longer. Therefore, by paying less for something, you end up getting more bang for your buck. Also, remember that price doesn’t mean everything. Sometimes, a higher-priced option could still be inferior to a lower-priced option simply due to its lack of care.


  • Delivery

This is another important factor to keep in mind. Most florists provide delivery services nowadays. But do you really want to pay extra for someone else to bring your order? Or maybe you would rather pick it yourself instead of having it delivered to your doorstep. Either way, it’s best to find out exactly where your florist wants to drop off your package. Is it near your home or office? Do they even allow deliveries outside of their own store? These are all very important details to think about.

  • Customer Service

Last but certainly not least, we come back to our old friend customer service. When shopping for anything, especially a product or service that involves human interaction, it pays to go into the situation knowing what you expect. What does the company stand behind? Are they willing to work with you? How fast will they respond to emails/phone calls? Will they answer your question completely?


Choosing a Katong flower shop can be quite overwhelming at first. There are many things to consider when choosing one. Hopefully, this list helps you narrow down your choices and makes finding the perfect floral arrangement easier.