How to choose the right Remote Development Team for your Business

As a Business Owner or a Department Head, you need to make a number of decisions. These can be Strategic, Financial, People related and Technological decisions. Usually for technology projects frequently you wonder about Outsource or build in-house. So In this post, we explain why trying to build in-house always can be a disaster and how you can build a successful product or technology with the help of a right remote development team.

Remote Development Team

As a Business Owner or a Product Owner, you need to focus on growing your business. I know many decision makers spending a huge amount of time with their technology teams leaving their Product Research, Product Marketing and Corporate Communications for later stages. Most of the times they failed, because of a product needs to be built with Customer centric approach, that is where your time has to go, understanding your customer. What your customer needs, what value-add you can bring and how you can do it better than your competetion.

How to Chose the right remote development Team?

What are the key factors that influence the choice of the Remote Development Team? How do you know that that very team will deliver a great result within the deadline? So Let’s start with the fact that you know what kind of project you want to develop and what technology to use. The more detailed description of the project you have the easier it will be to find one or several outsourcing developers.

You may have different reasons for cooperating with an outsource team from saving money to hiring a team of pro developers that is hard to find locally. We have prepared a list of five steps that will make your route to Hiring Right Remote Development Team easy and comfortable.

5 steps to choosing the best Remote Development Team

One of the first things to consider is the location of a new team. The need to travel to that place and the difference in time zone can be important factors when making a decision. Once you know what country is the best fit for your project, you can take the five steps to choose the very outsourcing development company. Ukraine is one of a few European countries with a great number of qualified JavaScript developers.

Step 1: Google local outsource companies

Make a list of five to ten companies that provide outsourcing services. Why should you make this list? In most cases, one company focuses on the use of one or a few technologies for developing apps. You will take the further steps and you will pick up the best outsourcing team that will surely help you reach your business goals.

Step 2:  Check qualification and portfolio

This step will let you evaluate the qualification of the candidates. You can simply view the apps or sites of the company or you can view the projects completed by some specific candidates. Ask what kind of difficulties they have met and how they have overcome them. Ask what was the easiest and the most complicated parts of work. You can also have a talk about the technologies used.

Step 3: Discuss the project and the goals

When you see that the team is qualified enough to deal with your project, you can have a talk about it. You can talk with a team leader or with all the members. Tell them what kind of end result you see and how you see the development of the app. It’s good to discuss the role of each team member and personal responsibility of the team

Step 4: Evaluate communication

When you have the first conversation finished, it’s time to evaluate the ease of intercourse. Do you feel stressed or uncomfortable? Do you feel that you have the same opinions and views? Was it easy to explain your visions and goals? Don’t rush to start cooperation with a team that has a super great portfolio but it’s hard to communicate with a team.

Step 5: Set KPI and milestones

Once you are ready to start your cooperation with a new team, think about how you are going to check if the job is done. Set the key performance indicator for each employee and the whole team in general. Discuss the milestones and let the team set their working schedule. You won’t have to control if someone is working 8 hours today or just 4. You check only the result of their work.


The success of your new project depends on the team that you pick up for it. Follow the steps from one to five and make the process fun and interesting. Treat a new remote team as if they work right in the neighboring room of your office. This will help you build a nice intercourse.

What about the negative aspects of the search? There’s one thing that may spoil everything. The thing is considering a remote development team as something unreal and trying to control every second of their work. If you are fine with these issues, you will easily start a productive cooperation with a remote developer.

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