How To Choose An English Course?

Choose An English Course

In the past 200 years, English has become the mainstream language for communication worldwide. Around the world, non-native English speakers outnumber native English speakers by the ratio of 3:1

Of these non-native English speakers, the majority of them started learning the language in their schools but a sizable minority has to learn it later on in life for higher education, employment or business.

If English is not your first language and you want to learn it, you can opt for numerous English Courses offered by institutes and online academies. Down below are some steps you can follow to choose an English course for yourself. 

Choosing the right difficulty level

It does not matter if you are a beginner or at an advanced level. You will need to listen and speak English because it will help you to learn grammar and vocabulary as you get acquainted with the language. It is a common misconception that beginners should focus on grammar and vocabulary while advanced learners should focus on the conversation. 

But according to linguistics experts both beginners and advanced learners should listen and speak to improve their English skills. You can complete a level test to find out your proficiency level. A proficiency test will help you to understand what level of English skill you have and what level of difficulty you should select when choosing an English course.

Identifying the correct level of proficiency is important so the course you choose is neither too difficult nor too easy. 

Finding out what course will help me?

Most students who are taking up English courses have already studied a myriad of English grammar rules and done a lot of exercises but they have never used the language in a conversation.

As a result, you need to understand the natural logic of this language and understand the context of phrases and vocabulary to use it in a meaningful conversation. So it is important for you to choose a course that has a structured outline and offers new language skills at each new level. 

Individual Course Vs Group Course

Every person has their preferences when it comes to studying and learning new things. Some like to be alone so they can focus and give all of their attention to whatever they are learning while some prefer to learn in groups by interacting with others. 

So you should choose a course that is according to the type of learning you want. Remember individual learning and group learning are equally helpful in acquiring proficiency in English.

Make sure to check the credibility of the course

Before signing up for an English course verify the credibility of the course from trusted sources. If the course is offered by an international organisation with proper accreditation then you should not worry and sign up for it. You can also check online testimonials, to understand and learn about the experience of individuals who have taken the course before. 

You can also request the institute for a demo class before you enlist for the course, this will make your decision easier. 

One credible and trusted organisation offering such courses is Straighterline. Straighterline offers college-level choose an English Course that you can take online from the comfort of your own home