Choose A Right Protection Case For Your iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 CasesIf you know exactly how much protection you need for your iPhone 7 plus and from what, how clumsy and forgetful are you and how you use your phone, it will be easy for you to choose the right type of protective case.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to consider is how tough a case you need for your phone.

  • You will want to protect your iPhone from Drops.
  • A waterproof case will help you from serious damage.
  • You will also want your phone to be protected from your children

Well, you will find different iPhone 7 cases for a different purpose and there is limit on what you should buy.

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Types of cases to choose from iPhone 7

There are different tough cases that you can choose from to protect your iPhone 7 Plus such as:

Rugged cases will provide adequate protection for your iPhone but these cases are heavy and bulky. These are easy to grip even with wet hands and cover every angle including the touchscreen and buttons. This makes it difficult to press the buttons and reduce the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

All terrain case plays a very important role as these cases are specially designed for some purpose with verified ratings. The IP or Ingress Protection rating will give you the idea about the ability to withstand dust and water. These cases match the US military standards and the MIL-STD-810 certified. These cases are tested to cover everything from pressure, temperature, impact, and vibration.

Tough cases will save your costly phone form damages due to a drop but it will not add much to the bulk or completely forfeit the style of your phone. The standard combination of these cases is a hard polycarbonate outside with a soft inner layer of silicone to absorb shock. These cases usually come with a military drop test certification as well.

Another popular choice of best iphone 7 plus cases India is the urban armor gear navigator case. Though these are bit bulky, you will get these in a wide variety of styles. These cases are designed to control multiple functions and hence will be handy.

You can choose from a wide range of slim or basic cases which will not cover the gorgeous design of iPhone 7 Plus. These slim cases are light in weight and will safeguard your phone against scratches. These are the most cost-effective cases that will provide your phone with basic protection.

You may even choose a flip-open folio or wallet case for stylish yet pocket-friendly protection that may even have slots to hold your credit cards. Smart, isn’t it?