How to Choose a Creative and Catchy Business Name

Choose a Creative and Catchy Business Name

Crafting the perfect name for your business is never as easy as it may seem. Of course, you can make things easy by just naming the company after yourself, but imagine how boring that can be. The truth is about 77% of customers decide to buy goods or services based on a brand name. That means an impressive brand name can make all the difference in your business. and choose a creative and catchy business name.

If you cannot think critically of a phenomenal business name, you can always use the business name generator by Namify. It is a name generator for businesses that gives firms fresh and new outlooks. The generator is capable of giving out fresh and unique names that will match the company. 

This guide gives you some helpful insights on how to develop a catchy and strong business name that will set you apart from the rest.

Think about what the brand name conveys

The company name is very crucial since it is the company’s identity. The brand name will appear on letterheads, business cards, promotional materials, and even your website. It must distinguish the company services or products. Try to get a business name that will make potential customers easily recognize what your business offers. Examples could be Bright Accounting or Friendly Dog Walkers.

Keep it short and easy to remember

Remember to keep it short and straightforward. Most of the top companies have an easy-to-write and remember the business name. Perfect examples are Apple, Chanel, Southwest, etc. Having a long obscure name is a problem, especially if you are a small business. 

These businesses, together with startups, depend primarily on word-of-mouth advertising. If the brand name is not easy to remember, then the form of advertising will not work. That also applies to established firms. If the customer barely remembers the business name, they may have a hard time referring their business to their friends. 

Use related words creatively

As much as you want the business name to have keywords for easy searches, avoid stuffing it. In today’s SEO, you have to use modified keyword versions to target a specific audience. You could go for alternative words for the keywords available to have a creative and catchy business name. 

Do not copy your competitors

This is one huge mistake that most firms make in the industry. Rather than copy your competitor’s business name, make good use of a business name generator like the one by Namify to find a unique name for your brand. Copying makes you appear unoriginal, and no customer will transact with a brand that seems counterfeit to them. 

Everyone loves original and authentic things, including your customers. Make your brand unique and original by getting your own business name. Copying the competitor’s name also means customers will confuse your business and probably work with the competitor thinking it is your business.

Get a scalable name

Never limit your business just because you are starting. Get a business name that will allow you to expand in the future. Some entrepreneurs name their business with a specific geographical location which could be their hometown. When the time comes for expansion, they have to change the business name and go through the entire process to accommodate other areas. 

If you sell books only now, do not get a name that talks about books only. In the future, you could sell accessories and stationery products. So, it is crucial to get a business name that is scalable in the future. Choosing a business name can stress you out. However, with the help of a business name generator like Namify’s and these useful hacks, you can make the process of getting a business name easier.