How to Change Your Life: 5 Steps to Become the Person You Want to Be

Change Your Life

Sometimes, in our lives, we get tired of the person we are and dream of the person we want to be. At this point, we strongly yearn for a chance to become a better person and level up. While transforming our identities might be tougher than it seems, there’s always a guide to put us through, and an example of a personal mission statement is one of those guides.

With the right structure, we can make that change and become the better version of ourselves. However, for more clarity on how to change your life, we have highlighted some steps that you need to take to achieve this.

That said, here are the 5 key steps to follow as you embark on your self-improvement journey.

1. Evaluate yourself

Before making any change, you need to know exactly what needs to be changed, know what point of your life you’re currently at. Do some self-evaluation exercises based on your character, financial capability, relationships with partners, friends, and families, social life, health, career, and many other aspects you involve yourself in.

Rate each aspect based on how happy or comfortable you are about them, and how they generally make the people involved feel. Being totally honest with yourself is key to getting this step done right.

2. Set your goals

Now that you have all aspects properly assessed, think about improvement areas. Make a list of what you’re doing currently that needs to be leveled up or what you’re not doing that you need to get started with as soon as possible.

When setting your goals, you have to make them realistic, especially when the time factor is put to play. This will reduce the pressure your self-transformation process might bring. With realistic goals, you get to make quicker progress, as they are achievable.

Most importantly, ensure that these goals are specific, understand the metrics you seek to achieve and create action plans to break down the process into smaller achievable bits.

3. Surround yourself with honest people

You will be needing a lot of honesty when going through your self-discovery phase. And it won’t be coming from within this time but from the people around you. With their honesty, you can build some self-confidence and be more intentional with your goals. 

Honest people leave behind honest feedback that helps you decide whether you’re making a change in your life.

4. Stay positive

Be optimistic throughout your self-transformation journey. Try not to hinder your progress with negative or limiting thoughts. Keep believing that you can do it till you eventually achieve it.
It is easy to thank yourself for big victories, but it is not a straightforward task to notice minor achievements and find the good in failures. It is important to learn to analyze any situation correctly, thereby turning it into an experience and new wisdom. Encourage yourself to find 5 moments daily, for which you could praise yourself. It is better if you are writing them down and in this way, you will be journaling, which is also very useful activity.

5. Do not be afraid to take risks

Changing your life means stepping out of your comfort zone. Often people are afraid to pursue the dream of their own business and hold on to a false sense of stability, continuing to work for hire. In such a situation, it is critical to realize that working at a job you don’t like is more risky for your health in the long run than running your own beloved business. The riskiest thing to do is to spend most of your life in a job just for the money.

Live each day taking actions that help in building your goals. There is no growth without discomfort, so be ready to put yourself through several inconveniences before you can achieve your goal


Changing your life is possible if you dedicate your time to it and believe in yourself. Often, negative thoughts stem from some unpleasant events from one’s previous experience. A person constantly returns mentally to that particular moment, gets upset, and sabotages the good mood, depriving himself or herself of strength and energy. So, try to let go of the past, forgive old insults, start living in the present, change yourself, don’t become a hostage of past failures.
Do not be hard on yourself, self-transformation is a process, and it takes time. Embrace your progress, no matter how little.