How To Change IMEI Number on Android Phone – Rooted & Non-Rooted Methods

Hello friends, today I am going to share a trick for all android users that is about how to change IMEI number on Android. This trick is 100% working in non-root android phones. This trick allows you to change IMEI number on Android mobile phone using a simple software/application. After reading this trick, you can change the IMEI number in Samsung, Redmi, XIAOMI, Micromax, Lenovo, Sony or any other company. This trick is working fine and safe and secure to use.


This trick is working in both types of mobiles – Root and Non-Root. If you have rooted mobile, this trick is perfect for you and you will get some extra features with this android trick. If you have Non-Root mobile, don’t worry, this trick is also for you, you will get everything is okay with you also. If you want to make money with money-making apps and you are worried about IMEI, just sit relax. I have a solution for you today. You can earn unlimited money with the trick on any app. Let’s start to change IMEI number of any android phone…

Note –

  • IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • Each mobile device has unique IMEI number.
  • Changing IMEI is illegal in most countries, So try at your own risk.
  • We don’t recommend anyone to change IMEI number on Android phone.

How To Change IMEI Number on Android Phone – Without Root (MTK Users)

  • First of all, Download Uncle app from play store or below links –
  • Install Uncle app in your android phone.
  • Open Uncle app.
  • Now, select Engineer mode > Engineer Mode (MTK).
  • You will get a long list now, just scroll down and choose  CDS Information.
  • Now, tap on Radio Information.
  • You will get 2 options there, select Phone 2.
  • Now you will get AT+.
  • Now, enter AT+ <15 digit new IMEI> (for ex- AT+ 012345678912345)
  • Select Send at Command.
  • Done! Restart your android phone and check the new IMEI number of your android phone.
  • That’s it!

How To Change IMEI Number on Android Phone – Rooted Mobile Method)

This trick is only for Rooted android phone and best method to change IMEI number in rooted mobile phones. If you have your mobile rooted, must use this method otherwise try the above method. You can root your android phone easily with the best root apps.

Requirements For Change IMEI Number on Android – Rooted Phone

  • Android Phone – Fully Rooted
  • Android phone must installed Xposed.
  • IMEI Changer App – download from Store ore or below links –
  • Medium Internet connection

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How To Change IMEI on Rooted Android Phone

  • First of all, get your current IMEI number with *#06# and note this number in your notebook or elsewhere for future reference (recommended).
  • Now, go to the Xposed app and click on Modules.
  • Enable IMEI Changer Apk as Module.
  • Restart your Rooted Android phone.
  • Now, you will get 2 IMEI number for your Rooted mobile phone- Old IMEI and new IMEI number.
  • Now, enter new IMEI number in New IMEI Number text box and apply.
  • Done!

Disclaimer – This trick is for educational purpose only. Any changes in IMEI is illegal.

Download Uncle App

Last words – If you want to earn unlimited money with the app, must use this trick to change IMEI number on the android phone. You can set old IMEI again to get a warranty for your android phone and can change IMEI of your Android phone anytime. If you have any query, just drop a comment below.


  1. Some app provides free recharge coupons and offers and allows 1 time per user/device/account. So this is the method to change IP address and the user can try again with the same coupon code for the same app.

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  3. I have an LG k7 and I want to see if I can use the imei number from my samsung j 727az. Is there a specific set of numbers for each manufacturer? If I switch either one for the other will it be found out?

  4. so if i was to change my imei I couldn’t ever use the one I had agian? And what are the pros and cons for this and how do i come about getting a new imei number just make one up or what

  5. Please search ‘Root’ on our website and you will find the best article for your queries. Thanks for the comment.

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