CBD Oil for Cat Breed Guide

CBD Oil for Cat Breed Guide
CBD Oil for Cat Breed Guide

Every pet owner is turning into cannabidiol or CBD oil for cats as an alternative supplement for their feline friends nowadays. This is not surprising as the oil has many associated wellness benefits on its part, and every feline experiencing an ailment can get better within weeks.

The cannabinoid extracts are said to be useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, seizures, and a lot more. There are specialized products for your furry friends that are appealing to their palates, so you will not have any difficulties administering cannabidiol to them.

About CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil for your feline friends comes from hemp extracts, and they are used in various forms that are safe for animals. The ingredients are organic, and the formulations are usually tested for safety. As long as you get from legitimate manufacturers like Holistapet, rest assured that what you are getting are non-GMO and all-natural ingredients that will benefit your pet. Some may also incorporate salmon as flavors for a more cat-friendly menu.

Cat Breeds that Can Benefit from Cannabidiol


These are the oldest cats that were domesticated because of their active and playful nature. It is believed that they are descendants of African Wildcats because of their similarities, and they looked like they have just come from the wild. Their coats have alternating light and dark spots similar to that of cougars.

Some owners reported that their Abyssinian had plenty of anxieties, but they were able to calm them down with the help of CBD extracts that were split between two meals. Others had mobility issues, and the extracts made an incredible difference when the cat is taking oil for a period of two years.

American Shorthair

Many pet parent’s hearts melted with American shorthair cats. You can know more about them on this page here. They are low-maintenance, and they generally have calmer temperaments.

They are ideal for the whole family because they can adapt well with their easy-going personalities. They are usually medium-sized that ranges from 7 to 12 pounds, which make them muscular. They love to hunt and play with rats.

Fortunately for many owners, the American shorthair has great genetics, and their lines are not usually prone to suffer from major health conditions. However, as a parent, you still need to watch out for signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, obesity, and hip dysplasia, among others.

Owners of an American Shorthair named Gracie said that the cat felt a bit under the weather for some time. That is until her pet parent gave her a capsule of CBD mixed into Gracie’s food, and she slowly turned to her old self again.

Maine Coon

Maine coons are great companions because they generally have sweet temperaments and large sizes. They are gentle giants, which makes them ideal for kids and adults. These are natural hunters, and they became popular in the 19th century.

However, as with any other domesticated cats, the Maine coons are prone to health problems like heart diseases, kidney problems, anxiety, and hip dysplasia. Many owners testified that they could reduce some symptoms like anxiety and aggressive pouncing with the help of cannabidiol oil. Of course, there’s also a need to visit the vet to know more about your cat’s medical condition. However, you may want to give her some supplements that can help her deal with pain better.


The Siamese are smart, and they are well-known for their blue eyes. Learn more about Siamese here: https://www.britannica.com/animal/Siamese-breed-of-cat. These beauties were often associated with royalties because they have striking looks. They are medium-sized and sometimes contain cross-eye colors. Their personalities are usually dignified and caring. They can learn a few tricks, and they are friendly pals to other cats.

However, the older Siamese may experience some health conditions like glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy. Others are prone to upper respiratory infections and kidney stones. Make sure to be up to date with your vet’s appointments to ensure that your kitty is in good shape. Proper check-ups and vaccines are usually the keys to help them live a long life.

Many pet owners shared stories that their Siamese, Willie, lost her appetite and experienced nausea. These parents have tried cannabidiol oil on their cats, and some got capsules that they’ve mixed into the meals. The results were amazing as the cats could go back to being energetic and friendly in no time.