Career and Motherhood – How to Make It Work ?

Career and Motherhood
Career and Motherhood

Being a mom can often feel worse than having a full-time job. Now, imagine how it feels like to be a mom with a career. The ability to juggle both career and family simultaneously is truly a challenging task. Below in this article, we will cover the Career and Motherhood.

There are more working moms in this age than in any era before us. But, balancing career and family, especially as a single mom can lead to increased stress levels and depression.  

Here are some tips to help you cope and manage to be a mom and a career woman.

Forget the Guilt

Many mothers slip into depression because of guilt. They may feel they are not giving their child the care they need because of their career. Rather than thinking of how you are not spending quality time with your kid, think instead of how your work is benefiting your child in terms of improving their future and quality of life. 

You have to change your mindset if you want to achieve a balance between work and family.

Utilize Quality Child Care Services

Women career platforms like Break2Be prioritizes your wellbeing as a successful mother. Such platforms encourage delegation of motherhood duties when possible. You have to ensure your child is getting the best possible care while you focus on growing your career. 

The best way to do this is to enroll your child in a reliable daycare center or find a quality nanny. If you go with the latter, ensure to hire a nanny with a good background, references and a proven track record of commitment. That way, you can be assured your child is safe as you climb up the career ladder.

Plan Your Mornings at Night

If you do not have a live-in nanny, as a career mom, it is best to prepare for work the night before. This includes picking out what to wear, making breakfast decisions, as well as packing lunch packs and backpacks. 

This will ensure your morning will run seamlessly; giving you quality free time to enjoy with the kids before going out to work.

Have a Family Calendar. 

Break2Be advises career moms to diligently keep a calendar to stay organized. A calendar allows you to tailor activities within your schedule without appointments (motherhood and work) clash. It keeps you abreast with your daily activities and events such as extracurricular activities and staying on top of your bill payments. 

A physical calendar will suffice but for more efficiency and better convenience, use the Google Calendar. This Google Calendar can be conveniently synced on your smartphone devices and laptops for flexibility.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to spend every second with your child, even as a full-time mom. In order not to miss the crucial moments, you can stay connected through the phone or make recordings of important events to watch later. Remember, you are working to provide the best for your child. Being in that state of mind will help you succeed in your career and as a mother.


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