Can You Trade Directly From TradingView?


TradingView is a futuristic platform that offers valuable trading insights to over 30 million traders and investors. It can help you trade smartly with in-depth charts that update in real-time, automatic trading with pine script, custom trading indicators, alerts through webhooks, and much more via a broker.

But can you trade directly from TradingView? The answer is no. If you want to trade using real money, you must move through a broker or trading platform.

Can You Use TradingView without a Broker?

TradingView is essentially a financial market data analysis and charting platform. It does not execute trades in its own right but needs a TradingView broker integration for trading. 

Without a broker, you can still use TradingView for ‘Paper Trading’. It is like a demo trade, where you can execute trades on the TradingView chart live without involving real money. The system will track your order and even calculate profit and loss on your trades. 

If you are new to trading charts and want to gain experience, you can trade on TradingView in this manner. However, you will need a broker integration with TradingView to buy and sell equities, options, futures, commodities, currencies, and other financial assets. 

Did we mention that a broker integration will give you access to premium TradingView features for free? Additionally, many online trading platforms like Dhan offer exceptional features when combined with TradingView. 

For example, you can benefit from option and future chains, pledge benefits, trading strategies, customized orders, and more with Dhan. Now that you understand that you need a broker to trade on TradingView, here is how to do it.

How to Trade on TradingView?

Start with an online search for broking platforms that support TradingView integration. Only eligible brokers can be connected and used for trading on TradingView.

1. Open a Trading Account

Once you have narrowed down an authorized broker, create a trading account with them. The process should include submitting basic information and identity documents like PAN and Aadhar. After your account is open and verified, move to the next step.

2. Sign up on TradingView

Create an account with TradingView using your email address. You can also directly connect it to your Google or Facebook account to get started. Complete the email verification process to move ahead.

3. Connect Broker Account

Now go to the ‘Broker’ page on TradingView and click on ‘Trade’. You will see the names and logos of supported brokers. Select your broker’s name from the list and authorize the connection. Log in to your broker account and you are all set to trade from TradingView!

If you prefer a more direct trading experience but still want TradingView benefits, you can choose reputed trading platforms such as Dhan. Just complete a simple registration and KYC process and start trading directly through TradingView with Dhan.


TradingView charts live opens up a whole new world of possibilities for new-age traders. With features such as automated trading, in-depth charts, financial indicators and more, you can enhance your trading experience. However, you will need a reliable TradingView broker like Dhan to trade financial assets on the platform.