Call of Duty: Warzone tips: how to get wins in Season 6

Call of Duty

Even with all the other games, Call of duty remains one of the top favorites among the players.

 If you have just started playing the game, it won’t be easy to come out with a winner. You can use Aimclub for some easy hacks and cheats. The cheats will help you have a better aim and stay out of the sight of an enemy.

 We have learned some tips and tricks throughout the game that work. Let us look at some of those tips for getting those wins in season 6.

Selecting your drop location

 Every player has their favorite drop location in Call of duty: warzone. Getting to your favorite location is not possible all the time, and it is better to know a few locations that you can drop with confidence.

 Also, if you are new to the game, it is better to avoid all the famous locations if you don’t want to die.

Get some cash

 The first thing you should do after your dropout is get some cash. Using gears and weapons found at a loot is good, but if you want to win the game, you need to buy specific loadouts. Collect $10000 in cash and head to the safest buy station near you. You can customize the weapons as per your need. Whether playing alone or with a team, getting a loadout is very important. 

Don’t shoot unnecessarily.

 Most of the players make the mistake of aiming and shooting an enemy as soon as they see them. Do not do this. If you missed the shot somehow and you will be in the initial stages of the game, then all you will do is alert the enemy of your location, and they will take cover and target you.

Complete contracts

 One of the best ways to earn cash in the warzone is getting some contracts and completing them. With every contract that you complete, you will get more rewards.

Sharing pieces of equipment

 Sharing equipment is very important if you are playing with a team. If one of your teammates doesn’t have enough loot, you can share your equipment.

Use the pings

 If you are new to the game, chances are you don’t have all the gaming equipment. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the ping system to alert your teammates about an enemy or a loot.

Using cheats and hacks

 Most of the players use cheats and hacks to improve their game quality. Using cheats alone is not enough to win a game, but it can surely help you have better aim and save you from an enemy. 

Trophy system for vehicles

 If you are using a vehicle in the game, then before driving, put a trophy system on the vehicle, and it will help save your lives.

Check out the flares.

 While in the game, keep an eye out for flares. Red flares mean a player has been brought back to life, and yellow flares mean a recon contract is happening. If any flares are near you, be alert as that team might be heading your way.

Gas masks can be dangerous.

 This seems absurd, right? Gas masks are there to protect you from lethal gas, but players find it hard to shoot at others while wearing a gas mask. So if you are at the end of the game and stuck in the gas, and an enemy spots you, it won’t be good for you. 


 Last but not least tip would be to practice. If you are new to the game, then you will have trouble winning at first. But as you will spend time playing the game, you will get aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Work on those, and you will find that you are getting better at the game.

Some bad games don’t make you a bad player, so don’t stop playing the game even if you are not winning. Since it is a multiplayer game, chances are there always will be a better player than you.


Getting wins at any multiplayer game is not easy, and you have to spend time practicing the game to improve your game quality. You can follow some easy tips mentioned above for getting wins in season 6 of Call of duty.