Hello friends, When I check my e-mail, there is a lot of request regrading Facebook and WhastApp. I noticed, I got a same request that is “How to Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification“. So, today i am going to discuss a working trick that will help you to bypass photo tag verification process. If you have the same problem, just follow the following instructions and get your account back.


Why Do You Get Facebook Photo Tag Verification Problem?

As we know, Facebook tightly works on its security and photo tag Verification is a part of Facebook security system. It means when Facebook notice that any user is using any feature of Facebook excessively like adding members in a group more than 1000 in a single day , Than Facebook security system thinks that person may be spammer or a computer system or hacker. So Facebook security system catches that person and put photo tag verification on his/her id.

How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification – 2016

1) To do this trick completely, Download an app called “Tunnel Bear”  in your android mobile (Click Here).

2) Sign Up on Tunnel Bear with email id. You have to confirm your email by going to email inbox.

3) Login to your Tunnel Bear account.

4) Now change your location (in Tunnel Bear) to Japan and connect. Wait for connection.

5) Now go to Your browser and login your blocked Facebook account and enter captcha code.

6) You will find that there is no Photo Tag  verification and it will ask your phone number only and Date Of Birth to confirm your identity.

7) Enter your phone number (in doesn’t work, change japan code with new one).

8) Now you will get a confirmation code in your phone number to verify your mobile number., just enter this code and you will be able to log into your Facebook account.

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This article was about to bypass Photo verification page on Facebook and I hope you got your Facebook account back from photo verification page on Facebook. If you have any query regarding Facebook or any issue, you can write your comment below.

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