Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Streaming Camera

Buying a Streaming Camera

Are you needing to purchase a camera for your live streaming events?

Cameras directly impact a channel’s ability to grow and become profitable. The modern availability of high-quality cameras means more people can create great quality streams. If you don’t have a great camera, people might grow frustrated with the quality of your stream.

As such, they’ll be less likely to watch it.

So, when you purchase a streaming camera, you should take some factors into consideration. Below, we’ll get into some of the essential things to think about before you buy your live streaming camera. Keep reading to learn more and get the best camera for streaming!

Get a Live Streaming Camera with HD Resolution

Most videos on the internet are filmed in HD. A few years ago, HD was considered an indication of the best quality videos, but it’s now the standard. So, if you don’t film in at least HD, people might view your videos as lower quality.

There are two different types of HD. 720p is the basic standard. 1080p is full HD. If possible, you should get a camera that can shoot in 1080p.

Increasingly, content makers are starting to shoot in 4K. In all likelihood, 4K will replace HD as the standard for video filming in the future. So, you might want to make an investment in a 4K camera if you hope to stream for years to come.

Look for a Clean HDMI or SDI Output 

Not every camera is equipped to broadcast live video. Even some of those that do may not give you a clean output.

This means that the camera may only broadcast video that has a bunch of display icons on it. When you’re live streaming, this will get distracting to your viewers. 

So, you should look for cameras that advertise having a clean HDMI or SDI output. Cameras like this can live stream without showing icons.

The Right Frame Rate for a Streaming Camera

In general, the higher the frame rate, the more movement your video will be able to capture.

Cameras operate by capturing a bunch of frames in quick succession. A standard frame rate is 24-30 frames per second. This is ideal for people who are capturing shots without much movement. Higher velocity streams, such as sporting events, require a higher frame rate. Otherwise, the camera might not get everything, and the video will look choppy.

A high frame rate is about 60 frames per second.

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Want to Learn More?

Live streaming can help you make your content available to more people all around the globe. This gives you the ability to grow your brand in new and exciting ways.

As you learn how to live stream better, make sure you consider the other types of equipment you should buy. Depending on what you want to use the streaming camera to film, you might need to buy lights or video production equipment.

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