How to Build a Killer Modeling Portfolio

Becoming a model is an aspiration for many young ladies and gents. One of the things everyone knows is that you need a great modeling portfolio if you’re going to win the best gigs.


Continue reading this article to learn more about creating your modeling portfolio. Building an Epic Modeling Portfolio Before you start building your portfolio, make sure you’re ready. You should prepare your body by getting to the size you need to be for work and also check on your smile by going to your dentist.

1. Headshot

The headshot in your portfolio is likely to be the first shot anyone sees. It needs to be appealing and draw the person in. One important aspect of your photo is your smile. If you have crooked teeth, you’ll be unlikely to make a good first impression. As such, do visit this cosmetic dentist tallahassee for specific dental services if you want to achieve a dazzling smile.

2. Full Body Shot

When you submit for a job, they may ask for your measurements. Your full body shot needs to line up with what you tell them about your measurements. Oftentimes they hire models that can fit into the clothing they have. If you lie or are inaccurate about your measurements, it can be a big problem.

3. Swimsuit Shot

A swimsuit shot allows your potential new employer to see what areas they may need to work around. If their clothing has a big bust but you don't have a large bust, they may need to find a way to make the clothing look flattering on your body type. That's only one example of why they may need swimsuit shots.

4. Smiling Shot

A smiling shot is essential so they can see your teeth and how your face reacts to smiles. They are likely to have a specific look they want from their future models and a smiling shot will help them see if you are the right fit.

5. End With the Strongest Shot

When you wrap up your modeling portfolio, position your strongest shot at the end of your
portfolio. When you do this, you’ll be able to wow them one last time.

If they are putting you up against another model for a spot in their marketing campaign, they likely have your headshot and your last shot up against the other model. You want to have your best foot forward and last.

Always keep that in mind as you’re choosing shots for your portfolio. Other Possible Shots Depending on which type of modeling you’re going for, you may need other shorts. For instance, commercial models should add a commercial shot and fashion models should add a fashion shot.

Determine Your Goals

When you’re creating your modeling portfolio, you need to decide whether you want to become a famous Instagram model and grow your followers or if you want to get paid work through agencies.

There are many different ways to make money with your looks and modeling skills. If you want to grow your Instagram followers using your modeling photos and Head Phones, then check out our guide on growing your Instagram following here.