Best Collection of WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks in 2018 (WhatsApp Tracker)

As we know, WhatsApp is a part of Facebook for few years and the Facebook Company is providing more features with this instant messaging application day by day. WhatsApp has many open and hidden tips & tricks for all users. So,  we are going to introduce those hidden and open tricks here. Today, you will get awesome hidden Whastapp Tricks that will make you crazy. Let’s start with hidden tricks…


Best Collection of WhatsApp Hidden Tricks in 2018

Today I am sharing a full collection of Whastapp Tricks and features that will help you to make your experience better with WhatsApp. Let’s start…

#1 Send Bold, Italic, and StrikeThrough Text

Now you can send a text to your friends with different styles like bold text, italic text or strikethrough text. This is a new feature of WhatsApp and available officially.

#2 Reply a Specific Message in any Group or Individual Chat

Do you know how to reply a specific message in any group or individual chat conversation? This is very simple and unique feature of WhatsApp that was launched officially a few days ago. For this feature, read this trick here

#3 (Viral) Fake or Spy Conversation

It is another a best WhatsApp trick that allows you to create a fake conversation with any WhatsApp friends. This tricks also available with the help of third-party apps. You can download fake chats for WhatsApp from play store.

#4 (Viral) Image Contains 2 or 3 Colors in it

Sometimes we see an image with a color when we receive and when we download this image it changes its color by auto. It is a big trick on WhatsApp. Read this trick here about how does an image changes its color?

#5 Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number

This is a hidden trick from HowToCrazy, which allows you to use WhatsApp without a mobile number. Yes, we are right, its possible on WhatsApp. It is possible to run WhatsApp without any number. Read this article for this trick.

#6 Lock WhatsApp Account on Android Phone

This is another hidden trick for WhatsApp users. This trick allows Android users to lock their account with some locking techniques like pattern lock, pin code etc. This trick is only for Android users, not any others.

#7 (Viral) Change Friend’s Profile Picture

This is an amazing and interesting hidden trick for all WhatsApp users. Any WhatsApp user can change any friend’s profile picture with some simple steps. This trick is working well and you can read this tick here.

#8 Backup and Restore Your WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp provides a feature to create a backup of chat conversations on a storage device like phone memory or memory card. WhatsApp provides daily backup occur or backup to Google drive features for all users.

#9 Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

WhatsApp has a feature for those users who change their sim card or phone number after a time period. Any user can change his mobile number on WhatsApp without losing their chats or conversation data on WhatsApp. The user will remain in all groups, but not in any broadcast. Check below links to this trick –

#10  Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data (Messages & Group Chats)

WhatsApp provides this high feature for all users. This feature is for that user who changes their mobiles and worries about losing their chats and groups. Every user can restore their chat and groups messages by restoring a backup file of WhatsApp at the time of installing WhatsApp in any phone.

#11 Hide Your Last Seen From Friends and everyone

This feature was added for hiding the timing of user when he was online. This was proved very useful for many users but it many relationships was disturbed by this feature, we hope you got it 🙂

#12 WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

It was the most awaited feature of WhatsApp and it can be used for voice calling to all WhatsApp friends. To make a WhatsApp call, both the user must be on a higher version of WhatsApp to support voice calling.

#13 How To Find Who is Chatting With Your Girl / Boyfriend

By this trick, you will get your friends online conversation with full details and same screen. This trick is viral on the internet and posted by the HowToCrazy team. Please read this WhatsApp trick here.

#14 How To Find If Someone Has Saved Your WhatsApp Mobile Number or not

This whastapp tricks is also in demand to check your friends have your WhatsApp mobile number or not. You can get this trick here if you want to check for you.

#15 How To Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile and Status

This trick works for profile and status tracking. You will get a list of friends who viewed your WhatsApp profile and status. You can read this WhatsApp trick here.

#16 How To Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

WhatsApp has a unique feature to join any WhatsApp group through an invite link. You can create an invite link for any group in which you are as admin. You can refer this WhatsApp trick here.

#17 Install WhatsApp Twice or Thrice on an Android Mobile Phone

Some users want to install WhatsApp with 2-3 numbers on the same mobile device. So this WhatsApp trick will help you to find out how to install WhatsApp twice on an android mobile phone.

#18 Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture

It’s easy to change your friend’s profile picture on WhatsApp and you can also prank him by showing this to him. Read this WhatsApp trick here to know how to change friend’s profile picture on WhatsApp.

Conclusion – All the above Whastapp Tricks and tips are about WhatsApp. Some tips and tricks are official and some are with other applications. If you have any queries about these Hidden tricks and tips of WhatsApp, you can make a comment below.


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