Best weed vape pens in 2022

Best weed vape pens in 2022

Finding a nice, compact weed vape pen to improve your vaping experience can be difficult. Thousands of brands exist, and it can get daunting to find which one will give you the maximum satisfaction. In this article, we’re digging into the best weed vape pens that you should try in 2022. We talk about their build, product specifications, and unique features. Read on!

What are Weed Vape Pens 

Weed vape pens are similar to vape pens except they’re loaded with cannabis concentrate. They vaporize cannabis, and they’re usually convenient to carry because of their tiny sizes. They’re also more discreet than usual vapes. 

Smokers often switch to vaping weed because of its benefits, such as the lack of combustion. When weed is combusted, the smoke inhaled by the user usually contains at least 100 toxins, and some of those may cause cancer. 

Vape pens are also cleaner. Their pods and cartridges are often disposable, so they’re easier to clean. Compared to smoking, the output is only vapor — there are no ashes or mess. 

Things to Consider when Buying Weed Vape Pens 

When buying a vape pen for cannabis, always consider the following: 

  • Airflow quality: the ability to change the airflow is crucial in the vaping experience. The device’s physical design should promote high-performance air intake. In a nutshell, greater airflow results in more vapor and cooler draw; it’s also less harsh on the throat. 
  • Automatic turn-off: vape pens are often controlled via buttons. Most of them are five-click buttons — click five times to switch on, and click five times to switch off — while others automatically turn off after 15–20 minutes. This helps you preserve battery life. 
  • Battery power: speaking of battery life, a quality weed vape pen should also have a long battery life relative to how much you vape. Vape pens are rechargeable, and casual vapers can expect a week’s worth of battery life per charge. 
  • USB charging: still on battery and charging, a good vape pen should have a USB charging port. If you have to unscrew the vape pen to charge it, it’s probably not a good buy. 
  • Temperature control: this is one of the most important features for weed vapers. They should be able to customize the temperature of the device to maximize the weed vaping experience. 
  • Warranty: warranties indicate that the manufacturer or company selling the vape pen stands behind the quality of their product. As a result, you should look for weed vape pens that offer not only a unique experience but also a reasonable warranty time. 

Reading customer testimonials, social media posts, and other sources of information about the vape pen can also help. User reviews posted on various websites can be a treasure trove of insights about the performance of each product. 

KYLE Delta 8 Disposables 


KYLE is one of the few companies that offer Full Spectrum Delta 8, which contains all the naturally occurring extracts from the cannabis plant. This alone helps it top plenty of other brands in the market. Apart from that, the KYLE vape pens themselves also offer a unique pre-heating mechanism that works perfectly with Delta 8. 

Why It’s one of the Best

KYLE Delta 8 Disposables have an elegant, sleek-looking design that’s created with convenience in mind. Their aluminum shell also adds visual appeal to the overall design. 

More importantly, they have a pre-heating button.  This is crucial because the Delta 8 liquid is normally thick, and it can clog many other types of vape pens in the market. The pre-heating mechanism of KYLE Disposables prevents clogging and coil gunk, making it a perfect companion for the Delta 8 concentrate— you simply can’t have one without the other. 

Speaking of concentrates, KYLE Delta 8 uses full-spectrum CBD. The compounds within it include hemp, terpenes, CBG, DBN, and THC — all working together to improve the benefits of the liquid. Simply put, you don’t just get the euphoric effects of THC; you also achieve the therapeutic effects of all the other compounds it contains. 

The KYLE Delta 8 Disposables come in four flavors, namely: 

  • Sour Diesel 
  • Wedding Cake
  • Watermelon Zkittles
  • Blueberry Haze

The best thing about KYLE’s premium compound and innovative vape pen? KYLE Delta 8 Disposables cost only $24.99. 


  • Uses Delta 8 extract 
  • Perfect pre-heating mechanism for Delta 8
  • Stylish and elegant aluminum shell 


  • Limited number of flavors 

Best for: vapers who want the unique Delta 8 experience with an equally innovative vape pen 

G Pen Gio Battery


G Pen Gio Battery is one of the easiest weed vaporizers to use. It features a durable zinc-alloy case that houses a 180 mAh battery. Its ergonomic design and micro USB charging make it easy to use and convenient to carry around. 

Why It’s one of the Best

G Pen Gio Battery is a slick, portable weed vape pen that uses proprietary Gio pods. The pods come prefilled with cannabis oil. The device has a fixed temperature setting and a buttonless interface, making it easy to use for complete beginners. 

It’s USB rechargeable — you can reach full charge in just about an hour. You can also use the device while charging, thanks to its pass-through charging mechanism. Moreover, this device doesn’t use standing 510 threading, so you have to use Geo pods with two-pin connections that easily pop in and out. 

Buying G Pen Gio Battery also gives you access to an ecosystem of top-notch cannabis oil extractors in various locations. For added convenience, you can also buy a G Pen charging dock, which can keep plugged in for more convenience. 

The G Pen Gio Battery costs $9.95 on the G Pen website. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Buttonless interface 
  • Easy charging 
  • Uses proprietary Gio pods 


  • Relatively low vapor production
  • Not available in some states 

Best for: complete beginners who want an easy-to-use weed vaporizer

The Plus Pen by Puffco 


Puffco Plus Pen is a highly portable vape pen that looks like a huge ceramic nail. It has a ceramic, coil-free chamber and a plated brass exterior, giving it a metallic sheen. It sports ultra-fast heat time, and its design aims to remove any contaminants that might affect the vapor quality. 

Why It’s one of the Best

The coil-free chamber of the Plus Pen ensures better heating, while its design is perfect for minimalism lovers. It only has three parts: the chamber, the mouthpiece, and the battery. The chamber draws air through the device’s dart, and it needs to be replaced every three months.

Meanwhile, the mouthpiece also doubles as the handle for the dart loading tool inside it. This makes loading your concentrates easier — perfect for people on the go. The Plus Pen’s 520mAh battery can last up to 50 hits, depending on the temperature setting. 

The Plus Pen also comes with a super-fast charger that charges up the device to 100% in just 35 minutes or so. The charge lights are red when in use and green when finished. Overall, this device is highly stylish yet portable, and it produces big hits in an instant. Score one for just $120. 


  • Stylish, metallic sheet 
  • Easy dart reload tool 
  • Ultraportable 
  • Produces strong hits


  • Some battery issues 
  • Users report airflow problems

Best for: vapers who want sleek and stylish ultra-portable vapes without compromising puff quality 

Pulsar APX 3


APX 3 is perfect if you’re not ready to splurge on expensive vapes and just starting to vape. It boasts 30-second heating through its convection chamber, a long-lasting battery, and five intensity settings. 

Why It’s one of the Best

The Pulsar APX 3 is a 4-inch dry herb vaporizer that sports a heat resistant mouthpiece. The temperature setting ranges from 190 degrees to 230 degrees Celsius — that’s a wide range of temperature control, which gives you more wiggle room to find the best setting. 

The device can also offer dense and flavorful quality with the right temperature adjustment. While the quality is only decent compared to other devices in this category, the APX 3 definitely gets the job done for newbies and casual vapers. 

Speaking of newbies, the device only has one five-click power button, making it easy to use even if you don’t have experience in vaping. This device is also highly portable, so you can carry it around without people noticing. Buy it for $70. 


  • Super portable 4-inch vape 
  • Five temperature intensity setting
  • One five-click power button 


  • Only decent vapor quality 
  • Battery doesn’t last very long

Best for: complete beginners and casual vapers who want ultra-portable devices 

PAX Era Pro


PAX Era Pro is a tiny vape pen that sports a streamlined design on top of powerful technology by PAX. This device offers an instant draw, a compact design, and enhanced features. It’s one of the smartest weed vape pens around. 

Why It’s one of the Best

Era Pro offers 65% more battery life than other PAX vape pen products, lasting for more than 250 puffs per charge. The device also has a smart sensor that can read proprietary oil pods. You can get a rundown of the pod’s information via the PAX android app; information includes the producer, strain, and safety tests done to it. 

Era Pro also uses PAX’s patented temperature control features to help you enjoy your oil extracts more. No combustion is involved, so you get full and consistent flavors, aroma, and potency.

Each pod is also tested to medical standards, ensuring they’re free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and other contaminants. Score one for $70 — a one-year limited warranty applies. 


  • Smart PAX app 
  • Patented temperature control 
  • 65% more battery life than other PAX products 


  • Limited pod access
  • Pods are more expensive than others 

Best for: tech-savvy vapers who want their vapes smart.


Overall, weed vape pens come in various sizes and shapes. They offer different features that might or might not appeal to you as a buyer. Because of that, it’s best to take your time and review each product. Find out what they offer that you can’t find in other products, and compare what reviewers and users say about each of them. This will help you get the best bang for your buck whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced vaper.