Best Web Design Trends 2019 that are rocking our world

Best Web Design Trends 2019 that are rocking our world
Best Web Design Trends 2019 that are rocking our world

2019 was an exciting Web Design Year. Web design services have seen advances in technology over the last year that help us connect better with our customers, new models that push the boundaries, and a stronger focus on rules for transparency and usability to make the web a more transparent and open platform for everyone. below in this article, we will cover the Best Web Design Trends 2019 that are rocking our world.

If 2018 taught us anything, it’s because the creators don’t dread discovering the unknown. We saw an array of new perspectives pushing the limits of what’s possible on the web: 

  • grid-breaking layouts; 
  • dynamic gradients; 
  • captivating motion; 
  • and stunning illustrations.

The “Trends” definition can often be seen as less than positive. Knowing and experimenting with the latest advances, however, leads to the learning of new techniques, the acquisition of more skills and the playful use of different styles as they appear and develop.

1. Mobile-Friendly

In 2018 Google launched mobile-first indexing, based on prioritizing content and links from mobile website pages. The plan will be applied to 2019, allowing web designers to consider the mobile website edition.

In reality, SEO isn’t the only aspect that determines web design goals. Statistics show that smartphone accounts for 50 percent of global website traffic. Good visual effects and search quality are also considerations that need to be addressed in website design in 2019 as the mobile user base grows.

2. Video background

Though in 2018 there was quite the excitement around cinemagraphs, the phenomenon has slowed.

As with colors, 2019 videos are more colorful and eye-catching than ever before. The key is to find the right balance so that the written copy and videos are not fighting for the attention of the consumer.

3. Personalized Illustration Design

Statistics show that the visual effect of the image is 7 times stronger on the viewer than that of ordinary photography. The example is suitable to refer to the website’s dashboard, new user feedback, device pending, progress tab, etc.

Companies such as Slack and Dropbox started utilizing custom illustrations in the second half of 2017 to express characteristics of the company, making illustration design increasingly popular. That momentum has carried over into 2018, and we anticipate illustration style to reach new heights in 2019 as a new web design phenomenon.

4. Minimalism, Simplicity but not Simplistic

Minimalism is associated with usability, one of the key Web design patterns. The first choice for web designers, it often reflects the concept of “less is more.” The fewer features that Interface Design, the greater.

Whether using clear typography, contrast, or white design, a well-designed website facilitates navigation and offers accurate information-making a good user experience possible. Well-designed CTA also allows the transitions to higher sites.

5. Bright and Gorgeous Gradient

More and more artists have introduced a gradation of color in architecture over the past few years. The fluid gradient was fairly popular in 2018. Even if only one color is used, with the help of gradients and various pictures, it can create a rich layered framework, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience.

6. Responsive Design

Throughout recent years, the rapid development of reading apps-mobile devices, laptops, TVs, wearables, and desktops-made programmers realize that digital architecture should be one of the key web design themes throughout 2019.

Google also announced changes to its algorithm to prioritize mobile-first indexing, now that the number of mobile users has far exceeded that of desktop users. The aim is to improve mobile users’ online experience and to encourage companies to upgrade their responsive web design.

The rapid changes in trends in web development technologies and web design have a direct impact on what is considered “good and bad” when it comes to website creation. Therefore, keeping up with those changes is important for every designer.