The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Keep Your Home Secure

Keeping your home safe and secure at all times should be a top priority. Burglaries occur more often than most of us would like to think, with around half a million houses being broken into every year in the UK.  Vivent 

 Here are some of the best security measures you can take to feel safer and more relaxed in your home.

 Use a Home Security System

Packages like the Vivint home security systems include everything you need for maximum safety. Most packages consist of outdoor cameras, a doorbell camera, and lighting sensors, but they can be customized for your home. 

Having outdoor cameras is important to see the activity around your property, including the places that aren’t visible from inside your home. With a smart doorbell, you are able to check who’s at your door, even if you’re not at home. 

 Lighting sensors can turn regular lights into motion sensor lights. Whenever they detect nearby movement, they will switch on to illuminate the surrounding area. This acts as a huge deter any for potential burglars, keeping your home much safer. 

Secure All Doors and Windows

One of the best ways to increase your property’s security is by securing every door and window. This means keeping them locked wherever possible. Most burglaries occur in daylight hours and burglars will always look for an easy way into your homes, such as through unlocked doors or open windows.

 It’s also good practice to reinforce your locks, especially those that are on the ground floor. Use additional security on your doors like a security bar or a strike plate that will lock the bolt more tightly, making it harder for a burglar to kick the door open. Add second locks to your windows and make sure they are double glazed so they are extra strong and shatterproof.

 Be Careful Where You Leave Your Keys

Handing your keys to the wrong people or leaving them somewhere that they can be easily seen is a recipe for disaster. Only give your keys to trusted people and always be aware of how many copies you have of every door into your home. Don’t leave your keys visible near a door or window, as you never know when an intruder is lurking around your property. 

Scarily, burglars are getting smarter. They now have smart technology with magnetic devices that can swipe your keys through your letterbox, so keep your keys out of sight and away from the doorway. Instead, find unique places to hide them. Somewhere that intruders would never think to look. 

Use Home Automation Systems

Various smart devices can be used to turn your lights on and off. This can deter potential burglars by tricking them into thinking you’re at home even when you’re not. Intruders are also less likely to make a move if a house is well-lit. Your smart devices can also turn your TV or radio on, or activate your external security cameras so you can see exactly what’s going on outside.