Best Virtual Business Address for LLC: How to Choose the Right One

Best Virtual Business Address for LLC

If you’ve considered starting an LLC then you’ll soon come across the issue of registering your business address.

Often, we don’t want to publish our home address as our LLC address as it then becomes public information. On the other hand, the cost of buying or renting an office is too burdensome for the average entrepreneur.

Luckily, there is another solution: to register a virtual business address. 

This virtual address guide will show you how to get the best virtual business address for LLC.

Here are our virtual address tips:

The Prestige of a Virtual Business Address

One of the advantages of a virtual business address is that you don’t have to use the same address in your area. In some cases, you can even use an address from a different city or state.

For example, you can use a service such as to get an address right in the heart of New York City.

You want to choose an area with prestige. The average consumer won’t know that this is a virtual address, so choose one that catapults your company to elite status.

For example, if you’re located in a small town in West Virginia, why not choose an address located on Wall Street? Or, if you’re located in Yonkers, why not choose an address located on Fifth Avenue?

Prestige is one of the ways that help you find a great business address. Now let’s look at some of the features you should choose when deciding on picking a virtual address.

What Features Are Needed?

The next step in choosing the best virtual business address for LLC is to consider what features you’ll need.

Apart from having an address for your business, you’ll need to collect mail. Most virtual address providers will collect your mail for you and then send you a digital scan of your mail.

You can also pay extra to have your mail forwarded to your actual address. This way, you’ll receive your mail without consumers knowing your home address.

As a general rule, virtual addresses can’t get used for accepting packages. But you can pay extra to have your packages forwarded to your home address or held at a pickup facility.

Some virtual address providers can provide you with multiple addresses for various “branches” of your business. You might also get a dedicated phone number that re-directs to your actual phone.

You want to study all the features that are available to you. For most freelancers, the bare minimum is sufficient. But for an LLC, you want to consider getting as many features as possible.

Considering the Cost

When shopping around for your virtual address you’ll be confronted with the costs and many startup owners want to save as much as possible.

While you don’t have to overpay for the cost of your virtual address, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest option for your LLC.

You want to consider if the costs are worth the features you’ll choose. For example, let’s say you have to pay an extra $15 per month to have your letters forwarded to your home address.

You have to consider how often you’ll receive mail in the first place. Out of the mail you do receive, how much is so important that you’ll need a hard copy of the letters?

Likewise, you might have to pay extra for a premium address. Perhaps it’ll cost you $50 per month to have an address just outside Manhattan. It might cost double the amount to have an address near Times Square.

Is the Times Square address so valuable that it justifies paying $100 per month as opposed to $50? Will this help you gain more customers? Will the Times Square address help you bring in more prestigious customers that can help you pay for the cost?

You can always change the cost at a later time. But you must treat the virtual address service just as you would treat any other business expense.

Using Your Virtual Business Address

Before you register your virtual business address, you may want to check if you can use it for other services. While your local LLC registrant might accept a virtual address, there might be other institutions that don’t.

As a result, make sure you choose a virtual business address that’s compliant with important institutions in your jurisdiction.

For example, you might want to set up a digital newsletter. By law, all digital newsletters must have a registered address associated with them. While some digital marketing services allow a virtual address others only permit physical addresses.

Likewise, some payment processing services such as Stripe or PayPal might prefer you to use an actual physical address for your account. The bank where you wish to open an account for your business might request the same.

Online marketplaces such as Gumroad or Amazon might also not permit virtual addresses.

But, there are many services that do allow for virtual business addresses. Make sure you choose an address from a provider that works alongside such important institutions and services.

Best Practices

Let’s end our virtual address guide with a few best practices you should follow.

Make sure you choose the simplest address that you can remember. For example, you might prefer ‘7562 WALL STREET’ but if ‘1234 WALL STREET’ is available, it’s better to choose the latter.

Choose an address associated with a street that the average person knows. They should be able to picture the street and imagine where your office is when you tell them your virtual address.

Finally, choose an address where other companies have registered their businesses. You want consumers to feel that you’re among good company by being around good companies!

Choose the Best Virtual Business Address for LLC

Now you can choose the best virtual business address for LLC and register your company.

You want to choose a prestigious address in a known area. Make sure you look at all the features and consider if the costs are worth it. 

It’s crucial that your virtual business address provider works with various institutions and services that you’ll need to use for your company. Follow our best practices when deciding on your virtual address.

You can find more great business advice right here in the Business section of our blog, so check back often.