34 Best Tools for Improving Writing Skills

Regardless of whether you are a published author or are just starting out, it is never easy to find the words to dwell on a particular topic. Your writing should make the reader feel something about the issue you present. Sometimes, you may find it especially challenging to write a longer paper, so you might be looking for buying online coursework. If that’s not an option for you, here are 34 Best Tools for Improving Writing Skills which will help you become better at composing essays.

Best Tools for Improving Writing Skills
Best Tools for Improving Writing Skills

34 Best Tools for Improving Writing Skills

Apps the help deal with writer’s block

Writer’s block is a comforting lie that everybody tells themselves when they do not want to engage in this activity. It is easier to give up and do other more pleasurable things. It can derail your progress and make your pieces terrible because you will end up writing them in a rush. Your motto should always be if your fingers are working, you can write. Sit at your desk each day and start typing.

There are tools that can help you set your schedule so that you dedicate the same time of the day to this activity. They will send you a writing prompt which you will respond to and either keep it private or share it. These apps include:

  1. Daily page
  2. Brainsparker
  3. Unstuck
  4. The most dangerous writing app

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Brain dumping tools

As a writer, you must practice and do some brain dumping. This is an exercise that means getting all the ideas in your brain written down, so you do not forget them in the future. The issue of having a great idea and not remembering it later is a huge problem for all creative persons. It can be challenging to remember your ideas when you are not on your computer all day. However, with your phone, you can easily memorize all of them. Importantly, it will not require blogging right away or updating your social media status. So the solution is the following apps:

  1. 750 words
  2. Evernote
  3. Google Docs
  4. Mindmeister
  5. Moleskine

All these apps allow you to open a private account, which is much like a diary. You create a note or a document, put down the main points and tag certain articles from the Internet. You can share your findings with friends of you can choose to keep the note completely private.

The best thing about these apps is that they keep track of the number of words you write as well as check the spelling. A number of them give you cool statistics on the amount of time you spend on the creative process, topics you relate to, and what you feel about them.

Topic generators

As a blogger, you do not always know what you want to touch upon. Maybe you have a general idea of something you want to cover, but you are uncertain of the angle you will tackle it in. This is where you need to consider getting some great topic generators. All you have to do is type in about three keywords, and the auto-generator will find a number of potential topics. If you do not like the suggested ideas, you may want to try again.

  1. Blog topic generator
  2. Portents content idea generator
  3. Linkbait generator
  4. Content ideator
  5. Content strategy helper
  6. Headline analyzer

Work-organizing apps

As a blogger, you might have several writers working under your supervision. Keep your work organized so you know which titles are being worked on and when to pay your employees. You can attach due dates and assign the work to your professionals according to their capabilities and talents. Also, keep track of their progress and find those, who struggle with deadlines. You can also turn each idea into a card and drag and drop it into the list.

  1. Trello
  2. Paymo
  3. Podio
  4. Taskworld
  5. Teamwork
  6. Proofhub
  7. Workzone


Templates are great because they help you organize your work so that your piece becomes captivating. There are free downloadable templates that will make the process of creating articles much easier and more fascinating. The most helpful tools for that include but are not limited to the following:

  1. eBook template
  2. free word book design templates
  3. easy to use eBook template
  4. Artisto InDesign book template
  5. 4 book design sizes
  6. ePub
  7. Mobipocket

Grammar and readability

As soon as you complete your draft, you may find yourself in a situation that there is nobody that can read it from a fresh perspective. You can easily miss some silly typos and other errors if you have been engaged in the activity for too long. Thus, you need to ensure that your work is free on any grammatical mistakes and is easy to read. There are several tools that will help you improve your readability and vocabulary.

  1. Grammar Girl
  2. Grammarly
  3. Hemingway
  4. Reverse dictionary
  5. Expresso


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