What Are Some of the Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses?

Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Social media is used by billions of people every day, so it’s a great way for businesses to market their products and/or services. In fact, social media marketing is one of the most frequently used forms of digital marketing. Businesses promote their brand to increase awareness, attract new customers, and convert current customers into repeat customers boosting sales and profits.

Most business owners probably already have a personal social media account on one or more platforms, so it will be pretty easy to utilize social media for their business as well. Here are some of the best social media platforms for businesses.


Facebook is currently the most widely used social media platform in the world, with over one billion people actively using it every day. Facebook is also very diverse in terms of content to create (e.g., text posts, videos, pictures, and links), as well as having an extremely diverse demographic. With a Facebook business profile, you’ll be able to market your products/services to potential customers/clients and you’ll also be able to directly interact with your customers/clients. For example, if you’re a newer small business, you can create a private Facebook group for your loyal customers to discuss exclusive new product launches.

Facebook, among other social media platforms, also allows you to create targeted ads to narrow in on a specific demographic that is more likely to target an audience that will make a purchase from you. Just be sure to create an effective ad that will market your product or services in the most desirable way.

Additionally, if you want to improve your online presence, why not buy Facebook followers and likes? This approach will help you gain more followers, which can increase your credibility and help you reach a broader audience. It also helps to create a community around your brand. Just ensure to find reputable companies that offer these types of services so that you can expect good quality.


If your products or services are best captured in photo form, then you should definitely consider creating an Instagram business account. Instagram also allows you to create short videos, which is very helpful when marketing your products/services.

 You can also post product images, promotional photos, behind-the-scenes photos, and candid shots of your employees, among others. Ensure you use descriptive captions and hashtags, so people can easily find your content.Customers/clients can click through and purchase items without even leaving the app. Plus, you can see detailed analytics on your posts and stories to see what’s working and what’s not.

Just keep in mind that Instagram is mostly used by the younger generations, Generation Z and Millennials (ranging in age from about 15 to 35). So Instagram may not always be your best bet if your company’s audience is an older generation. However, there are tons of people well over the age of 35 that use Instagram daily, so it’s worth a try.


LinkedIn may not seem like your typical social media platform, but instead, more like a job search platform. It is, in fact, both! It started off as more of a job search site, but it has evolved into a hybrid of both, allowing you to share and react to posts and communicate with other professionals. On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to give a short description of your company, specify what industry you operate in, list an approximate number of employees that work for your company, and list any areas you specialize in.

This platform is ideal for your business if you want more exposure to other companies or talented individuals interested in working for you. It’s also a good idea to join any relevant LinkedIn groups so that you can network with other business professionals.

Just keep in mind that because LinkedIn is more of a job search platform, it may not be the best one to market towards customers (unless your service is academic-related). However, this is a beneficial tool when looking to recruit new employees once your business starts to expand. For example, a general contractor may be starting up a construction company and is looking for potential employees. Here he or she will be able to describe job positions that are open and list any educational, experience, and licensing requirements that future employees will need to obtain for consideration for employment.

There are several more social media platforms for businesses to use to their advantage, but these three listed above see some of the most users on a daily basis. Just keep LinkedIn in mind as a way to market your business towards potential employees once you start to see growth in your business.


There are several more social media platforms for businesses to use to their advantage, but these three listed above see some of the most users on a daily basis. Just keep LinkedIn in mind as a way to market your business towards potential employees once you start to see growth in your business.

Use these three social media platforms to see what works best for your business. Let your creativity flow and experiment with different methods. Doing so can take your business to the next level in no time!

One last way to see success on your social media platforms is to know how to market your business (to both customers/clients and employees) so that you can reach the biggest audience possible. Also, keep in mind that you may not see the results you want right away. Success on social media takes time and patience, just like becoming a successful entrepreneur does.

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