Best Smart Speakers – Buying Guide

Who wouldn’t want to equip their smart home with some high-quality smart speakers that not only keep them entertained but help them keep tabs on other aspects of their home as well such as security notifications and lighting?  If you are looking for smart speakers, you have come to the right place. We have put together some of the best speakers out there. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best smart speakers that you can choose from: 

Best Smart Speakers

How To Choose The Best Smart Speakers

Look for extra features

A speaker’s audio features alone might not be enough. While things like sound technology, volume settings, and audio personalization are important considerations, don’t overlook the value-adding features. For example, Amazon Echo has a version where the speaker also has a clock display, so you can set it by your bedside for checking time and use it for music the other times. The clock also means you can set timers and alarms on the speaker. Other features like voice assistance and sync with the rest of your smart home devices are also very important. These features are what help you decide whether or not the speaker is worthy of your money or not.

What Power Options Does It Have?

Advanced technology these days is making wireless charging extremely common. Apple phones and smartwatches are some examples of devices that are available with wireless charging option. The advantage? Your devices become more portable, travel-friendly and rid you of the troubles of wire clutters. Plus, wireless chargers are so much faster and environmentally safer. Similarly, your speaker should also be wirelessly chargeable so you can take it with you on road trips and even camping. A future-proof speaker will have this feature. There are so many wireless charging stations and docks that you can add in your home to accompany all your wireless charging devices. 

Size And Design

Of course, the look and feel of the speaker as well as the functionality of its design matter a lot. Firstly, consider the size of the speaker and see if it matches the space you want to place it. If you want to put it on your work desk or side table, then a small and compact speaker would do. But if you want it in your TV area or on an entertainment unit, then a more prominent and bigger speaker would be better.  Secondly, the design of the speaker refers to its color and looks. Amazon Echo gen 4 is around, sphere speaker that is compact and comes in a variety of colors you can choose from. Google Nest Hub is a vertical, almost cylindrically-shaped speaker with a white exterior that looks extremely professional and sophisticated. The look of the speaker will decide where and how the speaker looks good. Choose accordingly. 

Is It Compatible With Your Other Smart Home Devices?

Lastly, you must consider speaker compatibility. Speakers with Alexa as voice assistant will sync and group with all your other Alexa smart home devices, but not with Google assistant. Plus, if you have more Android devices at home such as an Android TV and Android phones, then your speaker should also be preferably compatible with Google Assistant. These are some important compatibility questions to ask before you go ahead and make the final purchase. 

Review Of The Best Smart Speakers

  1. Echo (4th Gen)

Available in three beautiful colors, this compact, ball-like Echo speaker is a prime example of how well-equipped smart home devices should be. It features highly dynamic sound technology that adapts to its surroundings and music type to deliver an exceptional sound experience. Moreover, it lets you voice control the device while playing music from various popular music streaming apps, such as Spotify and Apple music. However, don’t forget to connect the device with Grande communications network, so you have a reliable source of internet to stream music from these apps. Alexa voice assistant in this speaker will group with other Alexa devices, and let you do multiple things like ask questions, get news updates, get weather updates, set reminders, and so on. You can even sync this speaker with your smart home lights and control with just your voice. 

  1. Google Nest Hub Max – Charcoal

If you want to try out Google Assistant, then there are a bunch of smart speakers that have this voice assistant built in them. For a complete entertainment experience, you can try out the Google Nest Hub Max. It is basically a tablet with HD stereo speakers that give more than just good quality sound. Since extra features are so important, you get a bunch of this in this device including HD video calling and high resolution streaming. Of course, you will need a good internet plan from buytvinternetphone for that too. Other than exceptional sound experience, the device also lets you make video calls, record video messages, access the camera remotely to monitor your home, or just use the tab as a digital photo frame when not in use. 

  1. Bose Home Speaker 300: Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in, Black

Bose has been a market leader when it comes to some exceptional entertainment units and gadgets, particularly in terms of sound.  Bose Home Speaker 300 connects to your smart devices via Bluetooth. It comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, so you can integrate this smart speaker with your smart home hubs too. It has a compact and portable design and is available in black or white color. However, unlike some other smart speakers, this device will need a corded source of power. If you have an entertainment unit in your home or want to build one, get this compact speaker to integrate with other smart home speakers and soundbars by Bose. 

Who Wins?

In terms of brand reliability, speaker versatility, and advanced tech, it seems like the Bose Home Speaker 300 has it all. You can further complement it with a home soundbar and many other smart speaker variants by the brand.