Best Sites Like Grammarly – Free Online Grammar Checkers in 2018

Best Sites Like Grammarly in 2018: If you are planning to write a blog content or your job includes blogging duties, or you need to send written content to anyone in professional chat then it’s very important to take care of your writing skills. If you are not a famous writer and don’t want to spend a fortune on editors, then the best option is to find a reliable Grammar Check tool. That tool should help you to filter your writing and improve all the tiny mistakes that you have made. So here we are sharing with you top Free Online Grammar Checker Tools that will help you to solve your grammar mistakes. Please have a look at the best Grammarly alternatives.

Best Sites Like Grammarly in 2018

best sites like grammarly 2018
best sites like grammarly 2018

Top 5 Best Sites Like Grammarly

1. Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is another Grammarly alternative, This is one of the great sites to use. It works effectively on grammar, spelling, stylistic and contextual mistakes. It detects grammar mistakes for English, German, Polish, Russian, and more than 20 other different languages. It’s a free service you can check the unlimited number of times.

2. ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid - Best Sites Like Grammarly
ProWriting Aid – Best Sites Like Grammarly

ProWritingAid is one of the best Grammarly alternatives for checking and Manuscript editing software. Its main feature is that it goes beyond grammar checking and help writers turn good writing into great writing. Their style report applies over 5000 different improvements that a professional editor might make to improve the readability of a piece of text. This product is used by many published authors to improve their writing prior to publishing. This product reviews also positively. is an advanced free online grammar checker, it uses artificial intelligence to check sentence structure and find grammatical and spelling mistakes and offers better options, 1000s of style improvements to write better. Just try it.
I’m sure you’ll like it.

3. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke - Best Sites Like Grammarly
WhiteSmoke – Best Sites Like Grammarly

WhiteSmoke is another Grammarly alternative, it is an online grammar and vocabulary checker platform. It is one of the best software solutions for grammar checking, syntax and spells checking. Other than checking your text for errors, WhiteSmoke will also generate a report that will review and rate your writing. Rating is judged in six different categories: sentence structure, words, expressions, voice, length, and redundancy. Not only can you correct your texts, but it will also give you suggestions on where your writing needs improvement.

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4. Ginger

Ginger is another quite brilliant tool for the students, teachers, and bloggers due to its efficient outcomes. Ginger detects the errors very promptly and highlights them. When you hover the mouse over the highlighted word, then it will provide the suggestion for correcting it. And if you want to approve all suggestion at once then just click on “Approve all”. Like the Grammarly, in Ginger, you can also either select British or the American English. For an annual plan, Ginger cost $7.49/month.

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5. Slick Write

Slick Write - Best Sites Like Grammarly
Slick Write – Best Sites Like Grammarly

Slick Write is a highly professional level of web-based proofreading tool that is particularly designed for those users who want to get their documents checked before final submission. Its features include quick lookup to get more information about a word/phrase, vocabulary variety, key statistics, advanced settings customization, word associator and enable/disable hints. Slick Write is great for professionals, students, and bloggers.

Final Words About Grammarly Alternatives

So these are the top 5 sites that are good enough to act as a Grammarly alternatives. If you don’t want to spend the extra money and need a tool that better appeals to you and suits your needs then choose any one of the tools we mentioned above. These tools will correct your grammar for free and will act as your proofreading tools too. To choose the right one, you need to know your needs and understand the features the tools are offering. So guys have a look and in case of any confusion do comment below.


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