Best Script Writing Agencies across the Globe

Script Writing Agencies

Stories are the essence of life. Different people encompass different stories, and similarly, different brands adorn a legendary story. One of the best ways of telling a story is through a video, where a blend of characters, dilemmas, and dialogues entices the audience and builds a connection with the brand. Scriptwriting is preferred extensively for such narrations.

 The art of writing stories involving actions, movements, characters, and expressions is known as scriptwriting. It is an entirely diverse writing industry, where visuality and screen have to be kept in mind at all times. Brands widely use scriptwriting to create content with which their audience can visually connect. 

Though script writing seems like writing a simple story, it entails distinct formatting methods that have to be followed strictly for required results. Without accurate formatting, the audience will be left with multiple questions and zero answers, and for doing that, you need to hire the best script writing agency

Thus, to procure a script that is impeccable and justifies your vision, here is a list of the top script writing agencies in India and around the world:

  • Content Whale – Mumbai, India

Content Whale is one of India and the USA’s top content writing companies, offering stellar script writing services that synchronize with your brand story. They provide engaging scripts at a flexible price, with a personal content strategist for a smooth customer experience. Moreover, they attach grammar and plagiarism reports, ensuring quality content for your audience. From script formatting to content delivery, everything is top-notch at Content Whale. 

They have served clients from 15+ countries and should be the 1st choice if you are looking for a brilliant script writing service!

  • Enlightened Pictures Inc. – LA, California

Enlightened Pictures Inc. is a two-in-one package deal with scriptwriting and video production services. They offer script writing for all kinds of corporate videos such as testimonials, short documentaries, safety training, etc. They have worked with major companies like Hyatt Regency, Toyota, etc. 

  • Moris Public Relations – Delhi, India

Moris PR is a leading agency in India providing services in scriptwriting, offering a wide range of services under script writing. From audio ads to explainer scripts, they assist in all writing tasks globally. As they offer media services, they also understand what the audience wants and curate the script based on that. 

  • InkSling – Mumbai, India

InkSling is a media and entertainment company in India that offers several services revolving around scriptwriting. They offer scriptwriting, video production, script rewriting, and many more services. With an ultimate mission to bring forward their clients’ stories using the writing skills of their team; they are a great candidate for your script needs. 

  • ScriptKnights – India

ScriptKnights is a scriptwriting company that offers impressive services for scriptwriting and conducts various workshops on screenwriting. They mostly offer services for film and television scriptwriting, with a category of script consultation. It is a one-stop script agency that has a lot in store. 

  • Velocity Agency – USA

Velocity Agency is a marketing firm in the USA, with multiple services to push your brand forward along with scriptwriting. They help curate video concepts, video scripts, TV scripts, and commercial storyboards. With a strong base in marketing, they can help you build a story that hits the right target market. 

  • Write Right – Ahmedabad, India

Write Right is a holistic content writing agency in Ahmedabad that offers high-quality script writing services. Along with conceptualizing the script based on client requirements, they provide customer assistance and are great with deadlines. Moreover, you can expect a new and fresh perspective for your brand from them. 

All of the agencies mentioned above are certified and offer professional services to take your brand to new heights. They adhere to scriptwriting ethics and curate a script covering all the story elements.