The Best Resume Building Tools on the Market in 2022

Resume Building Tools

A resume is the main key you can use to open career opportunities in any business field. You may impress the interviewing panel during a face-to-face interview, but what should impress them first is your resume. 

Due to this, you need to create your resume in a way that captures the heart of the hiring managers. You will include all your latest accomplishments, but you must go beyond the ordinary to make your resume stand out. To create a unique resume, you require to use the best resume-building tools available in the market. If you want to be sure your resume is as professional as possible, to might need to hire a resume writer who will make sure your resume captures every detail an employer could be looking for.


NovoResume lets you build your resume within minutes. The tool has handcrafted resume templates with predefined sections that most recruiters worldwide prefer. If you don’t like any of the predefined sections, you are free to customize the templates as per your need and hit the download button. 

The templates have both free and premium features for users who want to add some weight to their resumes. The extra premium features are cover letter templates, unlimited designs, and extra pages for long resumes. 


CVMaker has professionally designed templates that let you fill your professional and academic qualifications in an attractive design. You choose a template that has your preferred color scheme or the corporate colors of the company you want to send to. 

The templates are well structured to make it easy for you to type your personal details, job experience, education, personal statement, competencies, work-related training, and other activities. 

Once you create an account, you save your resume in your account within the website for access and editing as you wish. For the first seven days, you will pay $2.95 only. After the first week, you will be paying $19.95 monthly. 

Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder has one of the widest range of templates. You may choose to use the predefined templates or customize them as you wish. You can never exhaust the number of templates available on this website. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a super professional resume template, modern, or vintage templates because you will get your preferred design on this site. Unlike other resume-building tools, this tool has no option for uploading your current resume for automatic updates. 

You get a free trial for thirty days and after that, you pay $1 for each resume. You may also choose to pay monthly at $12.99. This tool could be the best choice for commercial resume creators although individual users will also find it an excellent website.


Zety is a highly customizable resume builder tool compared to many other resume builders. Users can customize the templates, change the colors, use different fonts, spacing, etc. Users create their resumes and cover letters in minutes. has features that allow users to include social media handles in their resumes. It doesn’t limit the number of downloads a user can make or the letter variations they may desire. It is available in word templates, PDF, or TXT format. Payments are $2.70 for a fortnight, $5.95 per month, and $71.40 per annum. 

Designhill Resume Builder

Designhill Resume Builder is a DIY resume creator tool that lets you create your resume like a pro in graphic design. You choose the dimensions you want for your resume to make it unique and attractive. 

Its predesigned templates are extremely unique because they are customized for almost any career field. They have specially designed templates for fields such as the manufacturing field, retail stores, financial services field, insurance, etc. If you are not a pro in design, you will enjoy using the drag and drop features in the templates to make your work easier. 

Resume Coach

Resume Coach is perfect for job seekers that are looking for an intuitive tool. It has a large pool of templates with unique features that help resume builders create attractive resumes. If you are not experienced in creating professional resumes, the site has guides that contain professional advice for creating winning resumes. 

It’s an easy-to-use tool because it walks users through all the important steps for resume creation. It is possible to create multiple resumes for use in different business fields. The site has a free version but basic users pay $0.95 per fortnight, $1.95 for an unlimited plan per fortnight, or $7.95 per month for the unlimited plan. 

Resume Genius 

Resume Genius can be a good choice for users looking for a simple DIY resume builder. When building their resume, users answer a series of questions filled in the provided boxes. Once all questions are answered, the user hits the finish button and the tool creates an attractive resume using the answers provided. 

It has 17 unique templates with customized suggestions to specific job titles, responsibilities. For example, if you have worked as a dispatch manager, you can easily click on that role and resume genius automatically fills in the responsibilities. Fourteen days trial costs $2 after which it changes to $8 for two weeks or $40 monthly. 


Your resume is the first point of contact between you and a potential employer. Its attractiveness can determine if an employer will invite you for an interview or not. It is not easy to create a resume from a scratch but a resume builder tool can help you create a professionally-looking resume in a few minutes. the internet is full of different resume-building tools but you should only use your best to make sure you create a winning resume. 


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