Hi guys, as you know everybody is worry about Ransomware and its effect for windows. So we did a research and found some useful methods and tools to remove Ransomware virus. These are the best anti-Ransomware tools at this time. There are two types of anti-Ransomware tools free and paid. We are sharing both methods with you here.

Fake Warning Message from Ransomware Attack

Source – whysurfswim.com

Best Methods to Remove Ransomware Malware – Anti-Ransomware Tools

#1 Disable SMB (Server Message Block)

Here is the most important and working method to prevent from Ransomware attack. Please follow below steps –

  1. At first, try not to download any zip or rar file from Internet. Never download any attachment with an email from unknown email address.
  2. Time to disable SMB (Server Message Block) – Wannacrypt takes the advantages of windows services called SMB vulnerabilities. So if you want to prevent your system from ransomware, you have to disable this feature SMB.
  3. Please follow the steps in this image and disable your system’s SMB service. 
  4. Enable your windows firewall. To enable windows firewall, go to control panel >> System and Security >> windows firewall >> customize settings and check in front of the enable checkbox.
  5. Now, block TCP 445, 339 and 137 ports and also block UDP 137 and 138 portsbest-methods-remove-ransomware-malware-anti-ransomware-tool-1
  6. As you know, Microsoft stopped to provide updates for windows XP but here is an urgent update for windows Xp devices like ATMs etc. So, you can download all latest updates from official website.
  7. Update your antivirus that you used for your windows computer. They had been launched a new update for this Ransomware attack. Just update it now. To will get trusted and free antivirus protection programs for windows PC here.

#2 Removal Procedures

  1. If you get any warning message into your web browser, just close this browser by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and choose your browser and close it fast.
  2. Now, again open your same browser but don’t click on “Restore Previous Session”. Don’t click 🙁
  3. Now, read a full report from Microsoft about Ransomware attack removal process.

#3 Download Windows Updates Now

We (almost windows users) got an email from Microsoft about this malware attack. Here is the attached screenshot of that email and you can download full email in .pdf format from here.


Download Full Report in .PDF Format

Some More Anti-Ransomware Tools (Recommended)

  1. Avast Anti-Ransomware Tool
  2. Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business
  3. Anti Ransomware Tool – Bitdefender

Note – Buy any service at own risk. We are not responsible for any issue.

Last words for Ransomware Removal Tools – So guys, if you got this Ransomware attack, please try above methods and be safe in future by installing all latest updates for windows. If you have any query, just drop in comment box, we will reply you soon…