Top 25+ iPhone Tricks and Hacks – iOS 11 Tricks and Tips (2018 Updated)

iPhone Tricks and Hacks 2018 –No doubt iPhone is one of best smartphone in this universe. It is the love of many people not only because of its groundbreaking look. There are thousands of unique features hidden in iPhone. And if you own iPhone, it becomes your responsibility to know about those features. If you search my own, it may take hours to explore all useful hidden hacks in iPhone. That’s why here we are sharing a list of 10 useful iPhone tricks you don’t know.

Top 25+ iPhone Tricks and Hacks - iOS 11 Tricks and Tips
Top 25+ iPhone Tricks and Hacks – iOS 11 Tricks and Tips

25+ Interesting iPhone Tricks and Hacks

If you are using iOS and you are curious to know some tricks and hacks for iOS or iPhone mobile, you are the right place, and we are sharing some interesting hacks and cheats for iPhone. Let’s read and do some fun with your iPhone and enjoy this.

Top 25+ iPhone Tricks and Hacks you Must Know.

#1 Stop Music Using a Clock

If you are habitual of listening music before going to sleep, you must know about this iPhone feature. Some people listen to music at night for sound sleep, but many times they fall asleep without stopping the music. Now you can imagine that your smartphone will sing songs whole night.

To stop the music after some time, go to clock >> timer and set duration of the timer. Then select stop playing when the timer ends to close music player app automatically.

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#2 Take Photos Using Earpods

You can take photos using volume up or volume down button of your iPhone compatible earphones. It’s a fantastic trick that works like a selfie stick. You must use this trick in front of your friend to sock them.

#3 Charge Your iPhone Faster

It seems fake but its all about hardware and software configuration of Apple iPhone. You can charge your iPhone twice fast using airplane mode. Just enable airplane mode while traveling and see the magic.

#4 Home Button on the Screen

If your home button is not working correctly, let assistive touch from accessibility (Settings >> General >>Accessibility). It will allow a significant white dot on your screen which can be used as the home button. It contains a lot of options to do more things instantly.

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#5 Delete Last Digit from Calculator

While using a calculator, any time we enter wrong values. Now you can remove extreme amount using cancel button, or you can do it smartly. Just swipe your finger to left or right and previous digit will be cleared automatically. Each swipe will remove one figure.

#6 Extend Battery Life of your iPhone

Running out of battery but far away from the charger? Well, you can increase battery by switching off some unnecessary features. Just go to settings and disable WI-FI, Bluetooth, location services, 3G, 4G, fetch new data and auto brightness. It will extend your battery for few more hours. In the meantime, you can receive voice calls, messages, and  2G internet connectivity.

#7 Enable Alpha-Numeric passcode

It is one of the best iPhone Tricks that we love ever. You can enhance the security of your iPhone by using alphanumeric (both alphabets and numbers) passwords. Go to Settings >> General >> Passcode Lock and disable simple passcode. Now you are ready to use alphanumeric passwords.

You can generate a strong password by the help of your voice assistant Siri. Say random password to Siri and she will give you a strong hard to guess the password.

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#8 Switch Directions in Panorama Mode

While taking photos in panorama mode, you can change the direction of shooting by swiping your fingers from left to right or right to left.

#9 Delete Message at Once

After writing a long message it becomes irritating to clear it. You can clear the whole message by quick trick. Simply shake your phone and tap undo typing. You can restore the same message by tapping redo typing.

#10 Disable Message Preview.

Worrying about your privacy that somebody may see message preview from notification? Take a chill pill and disable message preview from Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview.

#11 Automatically Reply Missed Calls

Many times this happens that somebody calls us but we are not there to receive that call. iOS provides the built-in feature to solve this problem. You can create custom messages for missed calls. To enable this feature, go to Settings >> Phone >> Respond With Text, then create the desired message.

#12 Fulfill Requirement of Back Button

iPhone lacks dedicated back button which may be annoying for users who migrate from Android to iOS. But iOS provides a better alternative of a back button. While surfing or reading emails, swipe from left to right and you will be moved to the previous page. I am sure you may have noticed this feature in android too.

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#13 Check Network in Form of Number

Sometimes we stuck at the place where the signal is less. It is difficult to predict signal strength by seeing old school style network arrows. In such situation, you can take help of hidden field mode tool.

To enable this amazing tool, open iPhone’s dialer and call *3001#12345#*. It will change your network strength to numerical form. The bigger number is better is the strength. Means if signal number is -60 then nice but if it is -130 then you must go on the roof to make a call.

#14 Multi-App Termination

While multitasking, you can close up to three apps at once. To do this, swipe apps upward using your three fingers and terminate them.

#15 Lock Focal Point of the Camera

We all know that tapping screen while taking photos sets focus point of the camera. But on moving the camera it loses its focus. The condition is not same here because iPhone photos are practically magic. If you do not want to lose focus, hold the screen for few seconds instead of tapping. Once you see AF locked message, you are ready to go.

#16 Create Custom Vibrations

Nowadays everybody uses special ringtone for special persons. But how interesting it would be that you can guess who is calling only by vibration. Well, it is possible with iOS. Go to contacts and select your special person. Then tap vibration option and create easily recognizable special vibration.

#17 Get YouTube Red for Free

If you are the regular visitor of HowToCrazy blog, I am sure you had read our previous post on how to get YouTube red for free on iPhone. Yet not tried? Go for it now and get YouTube Red for free.

#18 New Paragraph Trick

You can use this trick while typing messages. Before starting new sentence, tap spacebar twice. It will add the full stop and required space to save your time.

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#19 Take Screenshot in iPhone

You can take the screenshot in Android by pressing power and volume down button. But on iPhone, you have to press power and home button to take screenshots. There is no need for pressing volume button to take a screenshot.

#20 Send Self-Destructible Messages

Remember spy movies where agents are given messages which automatically destroy after some time? Good news is that your iPhone can also create same messages. You can send audio and video messages which expire after the specified time. Go to setting >> messages and find a section for audio and video messages. There you can choose a time to expire your message.

#21 Teach Siri to Pronounce Correctly

iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri is just at the edge of perfection but sometimes it misses pronounce words. Or simply not pronounce in a way you want. So you can teach her by saying that’s not how you pronounce ………. When Siri asks correct pronunciation, tell her once and she will keep it in memory for the lifetime.

#22 Block Unwanted Messages from Unknown Numbers

If somebody is spamming you by text messages, you can block him in iPhone. First of all, add that number to your contacts, say spammer1. Now go to Settings >> Messages >> Blocked and add spammer1 in the block list.

If that person still annoys you by changing the number, no need to repeat the whole process again and again. Just go to Contact >> spammer1 and add a new number. That’s it, no matter how many times spammer change his number. You can block him every time in few clicks.

#23 Share Your Location (Only for 60 Minutes)

You can share your live location with your friends. Go to Google Maps >> Share location and set the time limit for shared location. This shared location will be available only for 60 minutes and then it will be disabled.

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#24 Save your Time while Browsing

While typing URL of any website, hold period (full stop) for some time and list of TLD’s will appear automatically.

#25 Search Word or Phrase in Browser

If you want to find any word in any webpage, simply type a word in URL field and tap on search option located at top right corner.

Last words – So these were some useful iPhone tricks. You can make your life easier and more comfortable using tricks. Friends, list of iPhone tricks is too long that’s why I am sure that we missed many tricks. If you know any other interesting iPhone hack, please let us know in comments. From our side, we will do our best and soon update this list with bonus iPhone tricks.