Top 15+ iPhone Apps for Your Smartphone – Must Try These iOS Apps

Some iPhone users think that iOS apps are less than Android apps but its all about knowledge. iOS App store is a treasure of many useful apps. Some apps are not that much known but very useful. To introduce you to such apps, HowToCrazy team tested many apps on photography, news, travel, social media, utility, music, navigation, reading, messaging, productivity etc. On basis of observations, we are presenting this awesome list of 15 Best iPhone Apps you must try.

iPhone Apps for Your Smartphone
iPhone Apps for Your Smartphone



If you had just purchased your iPhone and looking for apps to start your iOS journey, you are at right place. We are reviewing handpicked apps in this post. If we forget or miss something, please do not hesitate to inform us. We will add it to our list if it worth trying.

You Must Try These Top 15+ iPhone Apps

So guys, as you read above, today we are going to share a wonderful list of iPhone apps that you must use in your Apple. Just take a look at these iOS apps and we promise you will love them.

#1 Wikipedia Mobile App

This app is an iPhone version of the great Wikipedia. You can browse Wikipedia, explore feeds, featured articles and photos of the day using this app. Wikipedia app recommends articles and content that match your interests. In short, it is worth trying app if you want to view Wikipedia the free encyclopedia from a new angle.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 38.5 MB
  • Version – 5.6

#2 Rolo

Rollo is a calendar app which provides you date and day in an attractive way. It is free and interesting calendar app.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 23.5 MB
  • Version – 1.4


#3 Signal

Concerned about privacy and security? If yes, then you must try this military grade encryption app. Signal secures your connections by strongly encrypting calls, text messages and Medias.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 56 MB
  • Version – 2.15

#4 Genius

Genius app lets you understand the meaning behind all famous songs. According to its name, this app is a song genius.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 126 MB
  • Version – 4.3

#5 Tinder

Tinder is a great app if you are looking for a date. It is a location based free iPhone app which helps to find your partner by showing their pictures and age. If you started loving her at first sight, tinder will help you to chat with her.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 132 MB
  • Version – 7.7.2

#6 Bumble

Bumble is close dating competitor of tinder app. It allows female to message first on the basis of heterosexual matches. Another party has to reply within 24-hours otherwise match will expire. Using Bumble app is actually fun.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 96 MB
  • Version – 1.15

#7 Kitchen Stories

It is a nice cooking app for iOS with many more advanced features. You can watch video tutorials and read recipes. It allows you to create custom cookbooks for your favorite recipes. Overall it is a paradise for cooking lovers.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 70 MB
  • Version – 8.5

#8 GrubHub

Don’t want to cook or tried but failed? Don’t lose hope and keep moving forward in life. GrubHub will help you to choose and order your favorite food from any restaurant.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 151 MB
  • Version – 3.28

#9 Twitch

If you are a gamer, twitch app is for you. Twitch app is similar to Xbox and PlayStation apps. It allows you to chat with other gamers or watch videos uploaded by others.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 100 MB
  • Version – 5.1

#10 Yelp

Going out on a trip? Why not take this little guy with you. Yelp will help you to find restaurants, shops, and malls using your location. It provides detailed maps and deep  Product reviews about services of any business or shop.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 180 MB
  • Version – 11.21.3

#11 Moodcast dairy

Moodcast dairy app will track your mood on basis of your diary entries. On basis of recorded data, it predicts the trend of happiness and unhappiness.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 60.3 MB
  • Version – 1.4.1

#12 StubHub

StubHub is an online ticket exchange service owned by eBay company. Now it’s iPhone version is also available. StubHub allows you to buy or sell tickets of any upcoming event like cricket, festival or concert.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 135 MB
  • Version – 6.5.1

#13 Enlight

Enlight is a powerful general purpose photo editing app for iOS. Its wide range of features allows you to edit like professionals. It offers interesting options like image perfection, analog and duo filters, overlapping and much more. You can read more about enlight and other best photo editing apps for iPhone in our recent posts.

  • Download – click here
  • Size –  116 MB
  • Version – 1.3

#14 Crackle

Crackle is a video streaming service like netflix or YouTube. It is a free on demand service with thousands of TV shows and movies. It is perfect alternative of LoveFilm app.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 50 MB
  • Version – 5.5

#15 Seven Minute Workout

7-minute workout is a fitness app popular for its seven minutes fitness training challenge. It offers workout in little time without any equipment. On successful completion of training, it offers badges and awards. All this make it perfect workout app for busy individuals.

  • Download – click here
  • Size – 129 MB
  • Version – 3.7.1

So these were some useful apps for iPhone which you may find helpful. You can also read our recent post on 25 hidden iPhone tricks. Keep visiting and keep sharing. Manage and backup iPhone apps to PC with iPhone transfer software, IOTransfer.