Best Farming games for Windows

Farming games

If you’re tired of all your games and want something new, here’s the list on Gametop.  They will help you diversify your leisure time.

Farm mania 

 Perhaps, every connoisseur of business simulations will appreciate the continuation of the popular farm games download.  How can an abandoned and useless piece of land turn into a chic farm that brings a lot of income?  The main character doesn’t doubt it for a second.  And if your own grandfather helps, then success is guaranteed.

 The girl was pretty tired of the constant city hustle and bustle, eventually deciding to leave to live outside the city.  Just turned up the opportunity to buy an abandoned farm literally for pennies.  For now, the site may look like an ordinary wasteland, but she has enough experience to turn it into an oasis.  At first glance, she presented.  Where he will build houses for cows, sheep, chickens, and ducks, and where he will place beds to collect a rich harvest.  And then grandfather, looking at the girl’s enthusiasm, could not stand it and joined the work.  Together, they will definitely easily cope with any task, even the most difficult ones!

 You have to start play as a farmer with a very modest starting capital.  All that the girl has on the farm is pumpkin seeds and several beds.  But this is quite enough for the player to get used to the controls and mechanics of the game.

 Income will gradually increase.  And here it is very important to spend the earned money correctly.  They can be used to purchase various upgrades that can increase productivity or reduce the time spent on a particular job.

The game “Legends of Atlantis. Exodus” 

Will take you back in time to the legendary island of Atlantis before the flood.  You have the power to change the course of history!

 Lay roads, dig ditches, defend against marauders and collect the resources necessary for work and survival – these are your main tasks.  Successfully overcome all adversity in five different locations in more than 50 levels, as well as exciting bonus match-3 and hidden object mini-games.

 Try to pass each level of farming games as an expert and earn new bonuses.  With the full version of games for free, you will immerse yourself in the role of the savior of the once prosperous state for a long time and seriously.  Atlantis is waiting for decisive action from you, because otherwise it will forever plunge into the abyss.

My Kingdom for the Princess 4

 The king of one of the kingdoms was very strict with his daughter.  He settled her in a high tower to prevent her from marrying a commoner.  Such cases have already happened, and the king decided to protect himself from an unwanted son-in-law.

 But one day a hurricane hit the kingdom, destroying all the buildings, including the tower where the princess was.  And then a dragon appeared and kidnapped the princess.  From such stress, the king fell ill and could no longer govern the state.  He promised half the kingdom to the one who would restore order in the kingdom and find his daughter.

 The captain of the royal guard, Eric, volunteered to organize work to restore the kingdom and a search expedition that would have to find and save the princess.

 First, we will have to restore houses, bridges, and build roads.  You will need resources: wood and stone.  Stones can be obtained by dismantling the destroyed buildings, and wood – in the forest.

During the game you will have to perform various tasks.  With luck, new buildings, tools, decor items, animals and plants will become available to you.  Gradually, the kingdom will be transformed, and you will receive the reward agreed by the king.

 But when solving economic problems, do not forget that somewhere in the dragon’s dungeon, the princess is suffering and waiting for a handsome prince who will free her.

 Farm simulator game provide ample opportunities for construction and farming.  A wide selection of building materials, buildings, structures, ornamental plants, animals, etc. is at your service. You can create a real paradise on earth.

Game Royal Envoy 2

 The king has decided to send you, as the best city planner, to the development of Middle-earth.  Build housing, chop wood, develop mines and improve this lost corner of the kingdom in every possible way.

Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

Spain.  The era of great discoveries.  The Queen summons her faithful officer Don Diego De Leon

 and tells him that an expedition was sent to the New Lands for gold.

 But there was no news from her for a long time.  The Queen has a bad feeling.  She nominates

 his trusted officer Adelantado as the discoverer-governor of new lands and entrusts

 on him an important mission – if possible, save the missing expedition and collect such important gold for the Spanish treasury.  During these negotiations, one of the ministers is present, who secretly wants to appropriate the laurels of the savior and gold miner.  He arranges with a thug named Pablo Rodriguez to be the first to complete the royal mission.  Both heroes set off on an extremely realistic journey.

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love

Free farm games that gives you a quality holiday.  Thanks to the fact that her script is thought out to the smallest detail, you will look forward to the next scene with admiration and the next task, which will delight you with its originality.  If you want to have a pleasant vacation without leaving your PC monitor, then try it and you will enjoy this game.

Such an exciting farming simulator for pc will save you from solving the problem of spending your free time.  It is not always possible to sit in your favorite bar or meet with friends, but you need to do something in between work.  Housework has already been done.  So devote these precious minutes to yourself.  Engage in a fascinating and so interesting thing: a computer game.