Everyone knows laptop and PC get high tempered fast and there is chance to get your components damages. So PC heating is still a big problem for all users. Users gets shut down frequently, low performance etc with this problem. These problems also comes with faulty wires or other faulty components but the major reason for these is high voltage and heating of the laptop and PC. It will decrease your component’s life and their performance.

So today we are here with some effective steps and tips to cool your PC & laptop that will help your PC to get more cooling than usual. Nobody thinks to buy new components again and again so I think you should read all steps and tips to get your PC cool. Here is a list of best effective steps and tips to cool your laptop and PC.

Best & Effective Tips To Cool Your Laptop & PC
Best Tips To Cool Your PC & Laptop

Replace CPU Stock Cooler Your PC and laptop gets shut down frequently because of high CPU temperature.    If you are a thinking for day to day work, then this is a better option to buy stock CPU cooler. But if you are a enthusiast gamer, then this is not a better choice for your PC. You should go for Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and Noctua Nh-d15 which are the best air cooler for any budget and it will make your PC more COOL.

Using Thermal Paste/Compound We must use thermal compound or paste on our CPU processors. Paste your cooling paste on motherboard or the processor. This cooling paste gets dried up and needs to re paste this again on the same component. Cooling paste helps to heating down and send some cooling to processor and other compound where it is pasted. A thermal compound costs around $7 or $8 and we suggest you to buy now for your PC.

Adding More Cooling Fans  It is an another idea and trust me it is full crazy and effective way to get your PC more cool. Yes you can add more cooling fans to your PC in its case. It depends on your custom fans slots. Some PCs have 4-7 custom fans slot while some have 2-3 fans slots. We have 4 fans slots in our PC. More fans in a case helps to circulate air properly and it will make a massive difference in temperature. You can go for exhaust fan which is better idea for budget and PC also.

Clean Your PC Regularly  This is an important step to cool your PC and laptop. Cleaning is highly recommended for everything and laptop and PC need the same. You can use paint brush for cleaning dust from your laptop or PC. It will remove dust from all components and give your PC a fresh air. Your PC should be clean after 3-4 months regularly.

Adding Fan Filters  Fan filters are used for keeping the dust out of your case, not to decrease your system’s temperature. If you are in India, then you must have these fan filters because dust is common in the house in India. Your new system will look an old system after few days with the volume of dust. Dust helps to decrease your system components quality down. We suggest you to buy fan filters for your PC.

Use Your PC on Desk  When you use your laptop on your bed or on your legs, there is chance to send dust which is on your clothes or floor to your cooling fan and it will send this dust to your internal components. So we recommends you to use your laptop and PC only on desk.

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last words- Today we shared some effective steps and tips for your PC to cool. These are the basic and most effective tips to cool your PC and laptops. If your do above steps, your PC will get more cooling and will work smoothly.


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