Best & Effective Tips To Increase Battery Life of a Laptop

Best 8 Effective tips to increase battery life of laptop and tablet – Today I will share best tips that will help you to increase battery life of a laptop. These tips are based on laptop’s internal activities and processes, so these are safe and secure. We recommend you to follow all below tips to get better result with your battery.

increase battery life

Today HowToCrazy is here with some best tips – “best tips to increase battery life of a laptop”. I found too many methods on internet but most of them are fake and useless. So I will share only working tips and that will help you to get better battery life for your tablet or laptops.

Best and Effective Tips To Increase Battery Life 

1) Lower your Screen Brightness

Your laptop’s screen light uses the most power as compare to any other component. If you want to save it, just turn down the level of brightness of screen at a acceptable level.

To decrease the brightness level:

  1. Go to Power Options from the control panel.
  2. Click Change Battery Plan Setting.
  3. Select “Change advanced power settings.”
  4. Expand Display, then Display brightness.
  5. Enter a brightness percentage for On Battery, then Click OK.

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2) Enable Power Saver Mode 

There is some kind of power saving mode in every laptop to save its battery. Enabling power saving mode will automatically improve your computer’s battery efficiency with small adjustments such as decrease level of your display and it sets a quicker sleep timer.

To enable power saver mode: 

  • Go to your laptop’s notification area, where battery icon is available.
  • Click on that icon.
  • Select ‘power saver mode’.

3) Turn off Keyboards Backlit 

If your laptop has a back lit keyboard, Its mandatory to turn off that back lit to save energy because it consumes.most of the power. If you turned off, you will save some power.

To turn off back lit: 
Every laptop has its own keys or functions to enable or disable its keyboard back lit, so we recommends you to find yours and use that key.

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4) Calibrate Your Battery

If your laptop’s battery isn’t holding a charge for as long as it once did before, there is needed to calibrate that. Regular re calibration can help regain some of that lost capacity. We recommend calibrating your battery every one-to-three months.

To re calibrate your battery, follow these steps: 

  • Charge your battery to 100 percent. Once it reaches a full charge, leave it plugged in for another few hours.
  • Disconnect from the power source, and keep your machine running until it gives you a battery level warning and begs you to be plugged back in.
  • After your computer has died, let it stay dead for another few hours for good measurement.
  • Once it’s sufficiently dead, plug it back in and let it reach a full charge before using it again. When it reaches 100 percent, your battery has been properly calibrated.

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5) Use a Bigger Battery

Some laptops have space for a bigger battery than the one that shipped with your laptop. For example, your older laptop typically have a regular 6-cell battery that can deliver up to four hours average time of usage, but it depends on applications. But if you want to increase its usage time, then you can choose to buy an 8-cell or 12-cell battery that increase few hours of battery’s usage.

6) Close Back Ground Apps

When you are online, watching movie or reading online e-books, there is some apps like Skype etc are hitting the Internet constantly. Stop these silent power vampires before they start, prevent them from loading at boot time.

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To Disable Unnecessary Apps at Windows Startup

  • Type msconfig into the Start Menu text field, and click msconfig.
  • Select the Startup tab.
  • Un-check unnecessary apps that you want to prevent from starting at windows login.
  • Click OK.

7) Disable Bluetooth

If your laptop has Bluetooth, and you not using it. However, the radio is still sucking power, even when nothing is connected to it.

To disable Bluetooth:

  • Go to notification area.
  • Right click on Bluetooth icon and select disable.
  • Done!

8) Turn off WiFi when not in use

If you are online via Ethernet, or if you’re working some place that has no wireless signal, you should turn off your laptop’s WiFi.

To disable Wi-Fi:

  • Use function key in your Laptop’s Keyboard.
  • Turn off your WiFi key.
  • Done!

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Last words – If you follow all above steps, you will get a better battery life for your laptop and tablet also. We recommend you to turn ON WiFi and Bluetooth when it is necessary. If you have any other tip to increase battery life, please mention in comment, we will publish with your name.