How to Find the Best Business Accommodations for Your Travels

Business Accommodations


Finding the best accommodations for your corporate travels makes the trip more efficient. Depending on your status, it helps when a hotel provides laundry, unpacking, and room service.

Every business traveler requires a comfortable place to stay, a safe place to put their belongings, and access to a work area. In addition, some companies require lodging that accommodates extended stays for trade professionals.

Where you stay determines your comfort level during the trip. 

We outline how to find the best business accommodations for your travels.

1. Go Online

All the information you need to accomplish anything is online. This includes finding information on hotels that cater to corporate professionals in all business destinations. 

Some companies book travel for their employees. They have someone on staff who takes care of the details. The traveler simply needs to show up on time to their flight, meetings, and conferences.

If your company allows you the opportunity to book your travel, research your hotel options online. Booking with a major chain is often a safe route, especially if you have membership in their loyalty programs.

It doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B in your pocket. To find the best business accommodations, go online and complete some research. It’s a solid way to find the best rates too.

2. Read the Reviews

While you research online, ensure that you read the reviews. Most companies aim to provide a certain level of service. They also sell a certain narrative. Sometimes they fall short of their vision. 

To take the best information from reviews, pay attention to the two- and four-star reviews. The other ones have merit too. However, you want to read the great reviews that offer room for improvement. 

It’s also good to read negative reviews that don’t aim to trash the establishment. Instead, they offer actionable feedback.

After reading the reviews, you catch a glimpse of the establishment. You can decide if that’s somewhere you would like to stay.

As you research accommodations online, take some time to read the reviews too.

3. Ask for a Recommendation

There are online reviews. There are also recommendations you can obtain from colleagues and industry insiders in person.

Asking for recommendations from trusted sources helps you find the best hotels at specific destinations. It’s also a conversation starter. You can leverage the exchange into a networking opportunity. 

Plus, it helps you find specific accommodation types.

For example, remote construction preparation is important. These are projects that last several weeks. Therefore, you require a hotel that accommodates that length of time. Your team must ensure that availability for the duration of the project exists. They also double-check that the accommodations reside near the construction site.

4. Explore Your Destination

During a business trip, you don’t have a lot of time to explore. Companies usually pack their employees’ itineraries tightly. It’s cost-effective; it also keeps them safe. If you have time to go for a walk, explore your destination. 

Stay close to your hotel and business meeting locations but keep your eyes peeled. You might see corporate lodging that you’d prefer to stay at next time you find yourself in town.

Sometimes you don’t realize that a big chain hotel is near your meeting location until you see it for yourself. Then, you can take this feedback to your company travel planner. 

5. Work with a Travel Agent

As we enter 2022, it sounds odd to bring up working with travel agents. However, some believe that they’re making a comeback. Professionals in the hospitality industry remain well-connected with each other. Travel agents are not an exception. 

Travel agents have adapted to the new travel booking environment. Plus, people want to complete transactions with other people. Sometimes you have questions or you need something explained. 

While you book your travel, you can discuss accommodations with them. Travel agents know that corporate clients require specific amenity packages. Their business improves when they deliver on client expectations. 


Several ways to find the best business accommodations exist. The most obvious one is to go online. Thereafter, speak with hospitality industry representatives and frequent business travelers. When you travel, try to explore the area. You should get some physical activity during your trip. If you take short walks, you can see what other hotel options exist in the area.