Best Bicycles for Hilly Terrain

Bicycling is a great way to mix up your commute, start a new fitness routine, or get some fresh air. If you’re planning to ride in a hilly area, it’s important to find the right bike to handle the terrain and keep you comfortable along the way. Below in this article, we will cover the Best Bicycles for Hilly Terrain.

Best Bicycles for Hilly Terrain
Best Bicycles for Hilly Terrain

What’s the best bike for riding in hilly areas? Consider trying out an electric bike for an extra boost of power to help you up a hill or a hybrid bike with plenty of gears to make those hills a little easier to climb. Electric bikes come in a range of styles to suit any rider. You can also keep an eye out for hybrid bikes for sale from a reputable online retailer.

Electric Bikes Make Climbing a Little Easier

Electric bikes have made big strides in efficiency, power and comfort in recent years. Riders have the option to get a little boost from a bike with pedal assistance or a fully electric ride. Either choice means you’ll be able to comfortably handle everything from rolling hills to steeper climbs.

So, how steep a hill can an electric bike climb? The answer depends on the power of your electric bike’s motor and the mode in which you prefer to ride. Many electric bikes allow you to choose between fully motorized power, pedal-assist, and full pedal power. Follow these guidelines for selecting a power level for different types of hills:

  • Smaller, Rolling Hills: Most riders will require a 250-watt electric bike if they’re using pedal assist and a 500-watt bike if they’re relying only on the motor. 
  • Longer, Steeper Hills: When you’re looking at hills with significant elevation gain, you’ll need more power. An electric bike in at least a 500-watt model, and in some cases 750-watt or 1,000-watt, is best for riding through very hilly terrain.

Remember, the rider’s weight can also have an impact on the amount of energy required to get up and over a hill.

Weather conditions may affect a bike’s efficiency and speed, as rainy or snowy conditions make roads slippery and more difficult to climb. If you’re looking for the best electric bike for winter, pick a model with a higher wattage, wider tires, and fenders to keep the road muck off your clothes.

Gears Help With Hills

For those who would prefer to ride a non-electric bicycle, a hybrid bike may be the best fit for hilly areas. Hybrid bikes generally come with at least seven speeds. Riders have the option to switch gears and select the best option for cruising downhill, climbing uphill, or riding on flat surfaces.

While hybrids don’t offer the motorized boost you will find with an electric bike, they are adaptable for many different riding situations. If you’re planning to commute in a relatively flat area, a seven-speed hybrid bike may be a good fit. For more challenging or varied terrain, look at 21-speed hybrid bikes.

When you’re ready to tackle a few hills on two wheels, turn to a trusted vendor of hybrid bikes for sale for the best selection, expert shopping advice, and quality customer service.