What are the Best Bartending Schools in USA?

Bartending Schools in USA

Bartending is a job where you can express your style and personality while demonstrating your expertise in alcohol. Bartending schools help you hone your bartending knowledge and become the best you can be. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best and most popular bartending schools in the USA. Which one of them do you think is best for you? Read on!

New York Bartending School 

The New York Bartending School is one of the biggest industry-level bartending schools in the US, and it’s among the few that offer advanced mixology classes. 

It’s backed by major liquor companies like Absolut, and it offers top-notch alcohol training refresher courses. Its graduates can be seen in some of the most elite restaurants in the city that never sleeps. 

You can enjoy the following when you go to this school: 

  • Professional educators
  • Reputable school 
  • Nationally and internationally recognized certifications
  • High-level training programs
  • Excellent Job Placement Service as an Assistant 
  • Resume-building assistance 

ABC Bartending School 

Having been around since 1977, ABC Bartending School has schools across the country, including: 

  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Detroit
  • Miami 
  • Los Angeles 

Tony Sylvester, the school’s owner, is known for his stellar reputation. He’s been organizing classes across states since the 1970s. Stephanie Ringwall, one of New York’s most experienced and knowledgeable instructors, also powers ABC’s popularity and reputation. She’s been teaching at the school for over 15 years.

ABC’s biggest selling point is its pricing. Other bartending schools charge upwards of $500, but ABC charges only $395 for 40 hours of training. You’ll learn how to mix classic cocktails and gain a deeper understanding of bartending and liquor.


LBS has the most appealing offer for those who want quick but high-quality bartending education. It helps students become certified bartenders in just seven days, with a free guarantee for students who choose their 7-day option upon signing up. 

It’s the only bartending school that certifies you in all states using their hands-on course. So, even if you move to another state, LBS will register your certification in that new state. The school also provides all equipment and learning materials, including workbooks, bartending tools, and drinks.

Among the bartending concepts LBS teaches are: 

  • 200+ basic and advanced drink recipes 
  • Multiple drink preparation
  • Fruit cutting 
  • Cocktail decoration
  • Bar workstation set up 

To know more about LBS, check out this link: https://localbartendingschool.com/ 

ACE Bartending Academy 

If you’re in Las Vegas, then ACE Bartending Academy is your best choice. ACE provides career preparation guidance using interview advance and etiquette classes on top of providing excellent bartending education. 

Critics around the world call ACE of the best bartending schools in the US, thanks to t academy’s effort to ensure you know how every cocktail you make tastes like — they use real alcohol. 

If you’ve been to some of the highest-end venues and bars around, you probably have met a highly-skilled bartender that has studied at ACE Bartending Academy. 

Columbia Bartending School 

Being part of Columbia University — an Ivy League school — Columbia Bartending School is another school that uses real alcohol to teach you how to mix drinks. It’s a legitimately top-class school that has been teaching bartending students for more than five decades. 

If you’re budget-conscious, no worries: Columbia Bartending School offers three types of discounts to qualifying students: 

  • Last Semester Senior Discount: you can get a $50 discount if you’re in your last semester of undergraduate education. Just provide proof of impending graduation. 
  • Military Discount: if you’re in active service or formerly a part of the US military, you’re eligible for a $50 discount. Just provide proof of service at the first class. 
  • Group Discount: a group of 8–10 students may register using the school’s Group Registration Form to gain a similar $50 discount. 

Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing 

If you want to showcase your bartending skills after learning them in glamorous and elite venues, Elite Bartending School might be the right school for you. You can also experience hands-on training and practice at or behind the bar, so you can be fully prepared after graduation. 

Apart from training students on being talented bartenders, they also offer staffing services to some of the largest event contracts in the US elite party scene. You can get a shot at serving events and parties like the Ultra Music Festival and NFL afterparties