Best 8 amazing Android development tips

Best 8 amazing Android development tips
Best 8 amazing Android development tips

If you’re an Android app developer like me or someone who wants to start a career in it, Then you have noticed that there are countless apps on the Google Play store. Some apps are overflowed with downloads and incredible surveys, while others experience the ill effects of the absence of attention, and few downloads. The primary question at that point progresses toward becoming what I would be able to do to keep away from that terrible dry season? Today, we will cover a couple of incredible tips that you can pursue to help you in your undertakings. We should begin. Below in this article, we will cover the Best 8 amazing Android development tips.

Google has ventured to make a full arrangement of guidelines that each canny app developer should pursue intently. Albeit a few developers decide not to pursue the guideline, you must do as such. By following the guidelines, users won’t just naturally see how your app functions, they will likewise appreciate utilizing it substantially more. One case of a UI component in the guidelines is the navigation drawer. The navigation drawer is shown in numerous apps and has turned out to be incredibly prevalent in every designed Android app. The guidelines were designed to keep apps predictable with each other and make Android feel and carry on as one.

1. Stay aware of Latest Trends

Once in a while, Google likes to release new updates to its current SDK, which gives developers better approaches for getting things done. For instance, with the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, came new plan techniques developers could execute in their apps. A portion of these new plan ideas and trends incorporate the new translucent status and navigational bars. By keeping your app refreshed continuously, you will be among the first to execute these new features, and you could potentially set the standard. Users do not just appreciate this; they’re generally expecting it – and if you would like to stay competitive in the realm of apps, at that point, you will consistently be over the new models gone ahead by Google. How much does it cost to build an app? That is additional information that you should stay aware of.

2. Tune in To User Input

Probably the best thing you can do to improve your app is to tune in to client input. Users adore it when developers pay attention to their feedback and apply it to their app(s). To get client input, focus on surveys, or make a Google Plus community, for example, this one for your app. If users are happy with how you handle their feedback, they will keep utilizing your app, which is something worth being thankful for because, without users, your app wouldn’t exist. What’s more, ultimately, you’re gaining admittance to an immense center gathering of individuals that need to be proactive in the improvement of your app. Would it be able to show signs of improvement?

3. Inundate Yourself in Android

It slaughters me to try and state this, but it’s astounding what number of Android game developer and app developer don’t utilize Android devices as much as regular users. In addition to the fact that you should utilize your Android gadget, however much as could be expected, but you should likewise partake in the Android community on the loose. There are numerous energetic and dynamic Android communities on destinations like Google+, so make a point to look at them. There are many flourishing communities where you can interface with similarly invested individuals, so get included, learn, and associate with similar individuals to sharpen your specialty, get roused, and improve your capacities as an aspiring Android developer! 

4. Produce For Multiple Devices

One thing that separates Android from other versatile stages is the opportunity of decision that accompanies it. In contrast to iOS, Android keeps running on an assortment of devices that have different screen sizes. As a developer, it is about impossible to test your app on each Android gadget as of now out there. To keep up consistency all through the numerous devices, one thing you can do is use thickness autonomous pixels (plunge or dp) rather than pixels in your formats. Android will, at that point, automatically figure the appropriate measure of pixels for the client’s specific telephone, hence prompting more consistency all through different devices. 

5. Optimize Your Apps

Users utterly scorn moderate performing applications, particularly ones that take up a great deal of unnecessary space. The size and speed of your application can be a significant issue for most users, so ensure that you maintain a strategic distance from this by streamlining your application. One thing you need to do to build your apps’ speed is to shun utilizing unnecessary memory space. One common mistake that numerous amateurs make is utilizing unnecessary articles or factors.

6. Farthest point Required Permissions

The expanding pace of malware in Android has made numerous users progressively secure and wary of the apps they download. Seeing a not insignificant rundown of permissions for a single app can be a very discomforting background for a client, so you must limit the number of permissions your app needs. There are numerous apps available that concentrate different amounts of information from users, and they essentially don’t have to. This is an unacceptable practice, and will potentially dismiss many users from downloading your app. 

7. Regard your users

Developers buckle down to profit – but there’s a barely recognizable difference that must be arranged. Utilizing an app that is loaded up with promotions is unacceptable. Numerous incredible apps have fizzled because the developers behind them got excessively voracious and decided on intrusive advertisement placement and recurrence. There are various approaches to adapt your Android app, and they don’t need to bargain with the users’ involvement. One option in contrast to advertisements is to sell your app or use it in-app buys. Users wouldn’t fret paying for useful apps, and, progressively, are demonstrating that they utterly disdain advertisements. Something else you can do is accept donations. Android users are influential and will be more than ready to give to developers who are proactive in the community, pay attention to suggestions, and work to create quality apps that their users love! 

8. Have a fabulous time

Of the considerable number of tips you’ve perused up to this point, the most significant one for you to disguise and comprehend is that you should consistently have a ton of fun when creating Android apps. If you’re having a ton of fun, creating will feel like a pastime and not a task. All through improvement, you will undoubtedly encounter extreme roadblocks, but have some good times and push through. Ultimately, you’ll potentially get to thousands or even a vast number of individuals if you make a top-notch app, and, if you’re enthusiastic about what you do, at that point, you’ll have a lot higher possibility. Of progress!

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