Benefits of Social Media Detox 

Benefits of Social Media Detox
Benefits of Social Media Detox

Today social media has a constant presence in our daily life. Every minute, people all over the world share their thoughts, changes, insights, and other life aspects by posting pictures and writing posts. The latest researches prove that college-aged students can spend up to 9 hours per day online, and this statistic spreads fast on teenagers. Below, in this article, you can find the details about benefits of social media detox. 

“As I wake up, I grab my phone and take a quick look at a few apps. I check who texted me, scroll story feed, read the news, and reply to messages. Every morning I spend online at least half an hour before I leave my bed”. If this story sounds familiar and you are not ready to spend more than a third of your precious 24 hours for social media, watch out for the benefits of being online-world-free for some time.

1. You gain a lot of time that you can spend sensibly.

Temporary withdrawal from social media will be extremely useful for someone who lets their study slide and keeps beating themselves with the question ‘can someone write my essay?’. If you are among those desperate students, quitting social media will crave you out some time for you to complete your urgent tasks or ask some cheap and reliable essay service to write your paper for you. Services like will promptly find an author to help you after your short request like “write my essay for me“. 

Apart from improving your academic performance, you will have time to do things that were laying on a shelf. Were you dreaming of exercising, reading, hanging out with friends, learning a new language? Now that you gave up surfing social media, you’ll get rid of the illusion of being busy and will fill these phone-free gaps with more useful activities. Thirty minutes of practice a day can allow you to speak a foreign language. What can thirty minutes of social media do?

2. You will break the vicious circle of comparison.

The minority of social media users share the real image of their life with all the imperfections, failures, and bad moods. In most cases, we see a vivid picture of a life full of love, happy moments, and success. Even if you are not getting green with clear envy, in the back of your mind, you may compare yourself with this perfect picture. Such subconscious comparison leads to low self-esteem and belief that something is wrong with you if you are not fit, happily married, traveling, and a successful person.

By putting social media on pause, you get a chance to pay attention to your mental health and step away from putting your life to the comparison. Reconnection with the real world and live communication will raise the understanding of how insincere online life can be.

3. You will learn how good real-life communication can be.

Undoubtedly, social media facilitates making contacts, finding new people, and keeping in touch with your friends. But this works great as long as you know where to draw the line. But if the situation is opposite and you haven’t seen your close friends who live in the same city for ages but instead you send kudos to each other every single day, it’s high time to reconnect with the real world.

Going out in public will also enable you to cultivate new contacts, make friends, and spend time well with your old ones. Being surrounded by unretouched faces will dispel the feeling of being unattached and out of the loop. 

People who reduce using social media usually face the fear that they may miss something important while being offline for long. But in fact, if you set a time limit and have a chance to read the news for only 30 minutes a day, you won’t scatter your attention and scroll the feed without thinking.

Bottom Line 

Social media is everywhere, and to quit them completely would be hard and not always necessary. Meanwhile, engaging in digital detox now and then will bring positive results. No ideas what to do with the extra time? Catch the prompts!

  1. A sound is a sound body: take exercises and keep fit.
  2. Could your grades be better? Go for it and improve them with services like
  3. Enroll in some courses and gain new skills.
  4. Spend more time outdoors.
  5. Go out to watch movies, try new things, and interact with others.