Just Say NO! The Physical Benefits of Quitting Drinking

More than four million people give up alcohol for Dry January, which is just one way to kick it into low gear after the holidays. And millions of people are in recovery for alcohol-related use disorders.

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No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on — from social drinker to problem drinker — there are lots of benefits of quitting drinking.

It only matters for your own health if you quit drinking for a month or for the rest of your life. You will realize health benefits no matter what!

Benefits of Quitting Drinking

One of the first things people note from the physical effects of quitting drinking is a general better “look” to their face and body.

Puffiness can disappear underneath the eyes and in the tummy area. And you will be more hydrated throughout because your body stops producing a chemical called acetaldehyde, which dries out your organs and skin.

Your body wants to process out, sweat out, urinate out, or otherwise get rid of alcohol, and if you quit drinking, it won’t have to do that anymore. Many people are able to lose stubborn weight due to reduced calorie intake from alcohol as well as the body’s processes being used for burning other sugars.

Your Emotional Life Improves

Not only do you look better and feel better after giving up alcohol, but your emotional life can also improve when you cut back on the booze. One of the immediate benefits of quitting drinking for many people who go sober is more control over their emotions.

Physically, you will have better quality sleep if you’re not going to bed after imbibing all the time. This can also have a leveling effect on your emotions. Even if you don’t think you have emotional issues, you might experience an inner peace after chucking your bottles of beer and wine.

Saving Money and Yourself

For frequent drinkers, alcohol drinker can be costly. Nights in can turn into cracking an expensive bottle of wine, and nights out can mean buying rounds for friends and dates.

One of the best benefits of quitting drinking is saving money. You will have more money in your pocket!

For some people, getting sober or quitting drinking alcohol can be a matter of life and death. Lots of people make poor decisions while drinking, or they drink so much they ruin their physical health.

The National Drug Helpline is available 24 hours a day for people who are struggling with seeing the benefits of quitting drinking.

You can also learn how to stop drinking here. There are lots of tips and tricks all over the internet, and it’s good to let your friends know when you seriously need to stop.

Building a Healthier Life

Quitting drinking can be difficult because of social pressures and addictive personalities. Sometimes, getting sober is part of an overall push towards wellness and sustainable living.

For the health-focused, learning the benefits of quitting drinking might take you on a new path. If you’re looking for other ways to get healthy, try these easy snacking tips for good food at the office.


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