5 Top Benefits of Podcasting for Business

Podcasting for Business
There are about 105.6 million podcast listeners in the United States. Despite all of the recent attention, podcasts have been around for over two decades. As it grows in popularity, more owners are considering adding podcasting for business to their marketing strategy. 

These five podcast benefits will convince you to give podcasting a try. 

1. Establish a Personal Connection 

Text can only go so far when establishing a relationship with your audience and customers. Doing a podcast can help you develop a deeper relationship by allowing for more engagement. People can submit questions and submit ideas for content. 

Voice is more personal and establishes that there is a real, live person behind the company. This is harder to establish with just blog articles and social media posts. 

2. Attract New High-Quality Clients 

Participating in enterprise podcasting opens you up to new opportunities. You reach a different audience that is on social media or other marketing channels. Some people prefer to read and are happy to follow your blog. 

Other people prefer to listen to a podcast. They can follow along while doing other activities, like working out, driving, cooking, or cleaning. 

Having your podcast listed on podcast platforms give you more opportunities to rank in search listings. The increased exposure means more people could find your business. 

3. Easy to Produce 

You don’t need to spend a fortune when making a podcast. All you need is some basic equipment, like a quality microphone. Then you can record your podcast and do some minor editing on your computer. 

With the low-cost requirements, you can easily add podcasting to your marketing efforts without taking the budget away from other ventures. 

4. Build Your Brand 

Adding a podcast to your marketing strategy helps you build your brand. You can use it to talk about topics that you discuss in your blog. This gives you a chance to develop your brand’s personality. 

You can also use your podcast to build brand awareness beyond your current marketing efforts. For example, you may use a particular social media platform, but there are plenty of people who aren’t on that platform. Podcasting helps you reach those people. 

5. Additional Revenue Streams 

Having a business podcast could open you and your business up to additional revenue streams. Even a business could get sponsorships. A landscaping company could have a lawn care equipment company sponsorship. 

If the podcast becomes an industry influencer, then other related businesses could pay for advertising time. You could charge for interviews or features. Related businesses could partner with you to develop a new joint product or service. 

Try Podcasting for Business

As you can see, there are several benefits that come when you start podcasting for business. You can build your brand, establish a more personal connection, and attract more high-quality clients. Thankfully, podcasts are easy to produce and don’t require a big production budget. 

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