5 Tips for Beautiful New Website Design

Beautiful New Website Design

According to the US Census Bureau, Americans spent $204 billion online during the third quarter of 2021. So, if you want to boost your business in modern times, you need to explore selling your goods and services online.

There’s a lot of competition for customers going on digitally. That means your website needs to stand out if you want to attract customers to your pages and entice them to choose your business first.

Keep reading to find out how to boost your new website design in line with these aims.

1. Simplify Your Style

Potential customers need easy access to the information they need, so don’t overwhelm them with unnecessary extras. A simple web design makes it easier for customers to progress through the sales funnel. 

When presented with too many choices, people struggle to make decisions, and an abundance of graphics, colors, and copy will confuse them even more.

Use a toned-down color theme that’s in line with your branding and stick with one call-to-action per page. 

2. Optimize Your New Website Design 

There are several ways to optimize your site so that it’s easily discoverable and simple to use with search engine optimization. Learn the basics of SEO and implement them throughout your site. 

It’s imperative to optimize your website for mobile users too. This includes making it mobile responsive and switching things up a little as follows:

  • Compressing your images
  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files
  • Enabling browser caching and GZIP compression

According to Inner Spark Creative Web Design, if your website isn’t mobile responsive, you stand to lose credibility as well as sales. 

3. Include Social Proof

Online reviews and ratings will work wonders for your sales. Encourage your customers to write reviews and publish them on your home page, services pages, or a dedicated review page.

Genuine testimonials from real people help build trust with prospective clients.

It’s important to publish positive reviews on your social media feeds. You must include follow and social sharing buttons on your site so that happy customers can share the news too. 

4. Help Customers Find Their Way Around

Your website navigation bar is vital for directing customers to your services and sales pages. Make sure it’s prominent on your page, with clearly labeled tabs to guide them through your site.

When potential customers spend too much time searching for what they want, they lose interest and go elsewhere. If you want your CTA to do its job, place it on the navigation bar. 

5. Publish Your Prices

Most people want to compare prices before they buy anything online. You must admit your prices upfront.

Nobody wants to wait for a price list or talk to a consultant to discover costs. It takes a little extra work to keep your prices updated on your website, but it pays off.

Moving With the Times

People change their preferences all the time.

Keep tabs on your new website design by analyzing key metrics associated with it. Google Analytics can help you figure out which aspects of your site are working, and which ones need work. 

Using a CMS makes it easy to manage your pages and make changes to them without having to learn any coding. 

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